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NoteMaster is paid iOS app published by Kabuki Vision, LLC



For years I have used the older free version of NoteMaster. I was very happy with it. Not now! I bought z new IPad Air and had to buy the $3.99 upgrade for Notemaster. It is FRICKING IMPOSSIBLE TO SYNC from the old iPad to the new iPad. The crap synced to my iPhone but only part of it. Absolutely hate what the new upgrade has done to what was an excellent set of files.



This loses all your notes. As recently as 2017. NOT RELAIABLE google sync!!!! FAIL

Deleted first 1-3 min of notes


I have been using this app for years and for the last month or so it will delete the first notes and write down after opening the app. So open the app click on a note and start recording stuff and then all of a sudden three minutes in the most recent paragraph I did today disappears. Might be related to a very long note? I tried to leaving an app support query, but the app support page isn’t taking any submissions so I left this review

Love it!


I've been using this app for years. It helps me organize my notes, and I love that I can password protect each folder. Thank You for this great app.



This is the 1st review I’ve ever written for anything. I have been using this app for many years & love it. I especially like that not only can you add pictures to notes, but you can also resize them. So if you have a lot of pics in a note you can keep them really small to keep the note shorter. Then you can enlarge as needed. The support for this app is outstanding. I messed up the app by trying something I shouldn’t have and with extraordinary patience & understanding, they got me back to running smoothly. I highly recommend it.

It seems great - but...

Exit on true

I have enjoyed his app for quite some time, I really like the lock feature. I recently became aware that with the IOs’ Files icon, you can bypass the security on the app altogether.

I like so many things about it BUT...


NoteMaster far excels with its ability to integrate photographs, major heading changes, upload possibilities, etc. but I have a problem with syncing. I cannot get sync to work with Dropbox or Google Drive; even though it says it's syncing - and I have reset - it has not transferred any of my notes to either of those accounts?? Does anyone else have a problem with syncing?

Love it ❤️

avid reader1

One of the best note taking app!


Card Counting

I really love this app for my iPad. My only problem is that I can't get it for my iMac so I have to use another note-taking app for the same purpose (Note-Pro) so I have to input new info twice. Why isn't it available for the iMac?

I've used many note apps


I do love NOTEMASTER the best and their support has been outstanding- that is, up until this last episode - 5/15/17-the program has slowed down considerably. But i have found it much better with new iphone 8.