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NoteMaster is paid iOS app published by Kabuki Vision, LLC

Very helpful note organizing app


This app is very helpful and keeping notes organized. Able to sync with gTasks. Passcode lock capability. Able to insert photos and make drawings. Organize as well into different categories. Headings, bullets, checkbox.

John C.

Mr. Goals

An app is only as good as it’s support. NoteMaster has very good support. It might take an extra day or two but the app support will get back to respond to your questions. This app fulfills many functions to address any needs. Great Purchase, great application, great app! Five Stars for me.

Love the App


Love using NoteMaster and all the options that comes along with it. I use it on my iPad Pro, works very well !

Excellent note tool!!!


Excellent tool for documenting important reference material. Quick and easy to query data and get results.



Not able to send email of my notes out. Also was not able to send a email to your support team asking for help.

Love it... however


I have been using Notemaster for several years and I love everything about it! It does everything I need it to! Organize all my notes in folders, attach pictures, draw on them, etc. etc. One thing I would like to add in the drawing on photos... the ability to undo. Would be nice. Other than that, the app is perfect!! However, I had an issue a few weeks ago where I could no longer open the app on my iPhone for some reason. I emailed support several times with no response for a couple weeks. Good thing I was still able to open the app on my iPad or I would be lost as I keep everything in it, all important info! So I was without the app on my phone for a couple weeks or so and still never received a response from support. I figured out how to resolve the issue eventually on my own but it would’ve been better and sooner if they had just replied to me to tell me how to fix it!

Excellent App.


Love it.

A few glitches that got resolved...


So I’ve been using NoteMaster for several years and it continues to make my life much easier. It’s developer has always been attentive and timely. That being said, from time to time, like any app there are those moments that require some expertise, tech support. I happy to report that I received the tech support and my NoteMaster on both my I-Phone and I-Pad are working. I can now get back to enjoying life.

App deletion!


Twice now I have used this app. The first time I downloaded the free version, which somehow was mysteriously deleted- along with a boatload of extremely important data- so I upgraded to the “paid version” hoping this would solve this mysterious app deletion problem. And now, much to my dismay, this exact same thing has occurred once again. Somehow, this new paid version was deleted, along with volumes of important data. Seems very coincidental that ONLY this app ever gets deleted from my phone. I can understand once, but twice??? This app is horrible! I think they know they have a problem, and that my situation is not the only one of this kind; however, it would be far too expensive to fix this problem so my guess is they really don’t care. Stay away from this app!



Ought to include the price in the description. I like the app in the free trail and would like to know how much it cost before I buy it! It it is added and I lime the full version, I may change my rating at a later date.