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NoteMaster is paid iOS app published by Kabuki Vision, LLC


Bookman@Passaic County

I was disappointed that I was unable to transfer my data from my old iPod to my newer iPhone. Had to renter all of my data

I have really liked this app, but


On my iphone 11 pro, All of a sudden when its syncing to my imac, i get prompts from google to sign in, then it says verified, but when i try to again sync, i get another prompt. Im pretty computer literate and have tried all kinds of scenerios but still happens. And it only happens when im away from home- repeatedly. Forget getting help from google- they wont even respond to emails. Yes i know its prob a google dr thing but if the app is unuseable re syncing, i have no choice but to warn people. I wish the app was like simple note who are not dependent on another app to operate well.

Great App With Little Fanfare


Like other reviewers, I've been using this extremely stable notetaker for many years. It just works! ALWAYS syncs perfectly between iOS devices! Just keeps chugging along... Hope the developer who did such good coding keeps supporting this practical tool.



The app is great but I can’t seem to figure out why when I email the note, all the pictures are always at the bottom of the email and not in order with the notes.

App Stopped Oppening


I‘d love to give this app a great rating because I really enjoyed using it for years, but I’ve encountered a problem that I need to get resolved and I cannot find any support. I’ve been using the paid version of this app for the last 8 years. I’ve stored EVERYTHING in this app. Recently the app stopped opening. Everything else on my phone works perfectly. Since experiencing this problem, I’ve discovered that there are no support phone numbers, only an email address. I sent an email 3 days ago and have not received a response. It is extremely frustrating to not have any way to contact the developers. If this can get resolved, I’ll change my rating.



I am so bummed- twice now this app has been deleted from my phone (not by me). This app, no others.....gone. I have stored a lot of important information and it just disappears off my phone!!

Please add a dark view option


Please have a dark view option. Thank you

The Best I’ve Found!


I love this App and use it for so many things. It does everything I need plus a whole lot more!

Almost Perfect App


I love NoteMaster. It is a fantastic app that lets you create categories of notes, and add bulleted lists and checkboxes. You can add photos and very easily search for a note. The two things that would make it perfect are (1) the ability to search within a note, and (2) the ability to Select everything in a note to copy it over to another note...and/or the ability to duplicate a note. I have created a template which I use repeatedly, but I can only copy one piece (a heading, a list, or text separated by the aforementioned) at a time. It becomes extremely tedious with longer notes. It would be great if I could copy the whole thing at once. Add those two features and my rating goes to 5 stars! Thanks.

Amazing app


This app is my lifeline, I use it SO much! I love that it syncs with google docs, I love the folders & the checklists I can make. SO useful!