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My Sprint Mobile is free iOS app published by Sprint Nextel Corporation

I hate Sprint difficult

Reese in SD

My husband has tried to make me an authorized user and in order to do that I have to create an account. Keep trying to make the account and I am “unable” to do so. The app and website switches back and forth from saying “an account already exists for that number”...I ask to reset the username and it “doesn’t exist and you must create one.” Exhausting and the people at customer service both in person and over the phone are no help. Oh, however, if you want to put money towards your bill, there’s noooo issue with that. You don’t even have to know how much your bill is. Just your cell number and they will gladly take your payment. Easy peasy. Ugh

Love this app


This app makes it so much easier for me to pay me bill.


sprint losers

THE WORST Service EVER Should have stayed w att

My service


I really don’t like the service .my internet so slow .i don’t get service really no where

I can pay my bill.


Most of the services crash or say they’re unavailable and to just call, I’ve had Sprint for over a year and it’s never worked.

Mrs Able

mrs able

Great service!

Stolen funds


Daughter and I were sitting a foot apart, I had 3 bars, she had “no signal”. I thought, hey my bill was scheduled today. Maybe they interrupted wrong phone as they did on Christmas with her new phone as they double billed me. I decided to pay now! I set my new card as primary card, reset payment to pay a late amount ,then app reverted to total amount - not late amount when processing payment . Stole way more than I had set. - not first time billing was incorrect by sprint so, I know ( unless policy changed) I will see no refund๐Ÿ˜ก Out over $200 again. Thanks for nothing , Sprint. Worst experience and least consistent signal I’ve had by any major carrier. I did move my seat while paying, maybe lost signal as usual๐Ÿ™„

Bill to high


Not liking how my bill is coming out when should be at 190 what the sprint employee told me once fixed will get full stars.



I love this application so much. It makes paying my bill and checking my usage so easy.


Bishop 3