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My Sprint Mobile is free iOS app published by Sprint Nextel Corporation

The app is useless


This app is one of the worst I have seen. Always loading, always authenticating. It’s super slow to come even with WiFi. And if u by some miracle get logged in it’s very glitchy and slow. It constantly logs you out. I’m surprised that such a big company would have such a poor and frankly useless app.



Good mobile web...



I know everyone has a hard day,but I’ve been with Sprint since 2003,and other than these people do what they can to help their customers and moving on with their day cuz some of us that work and have baby’s at home. And I’m NOT a single mother.... yes my husband is with another company as a matter of fact it’s the 4th company. He doesn’t get the perks that I get early pay off Sprint is like every other company trying to sell something. But they reward you for it and in closing I seen your review I hand to write a review also FOR ALWAYS A SPRINT WOMAN

Could be better with the app


Sprint is actually a really good company. Believe it or not I have test service almost everywhere I go. I have 2 different phone companies and sprint is even better than my other company. I would give them 5 stars IF I WAS ABLE TO PAY MY PHONES AND TABLETS OFF IN THE APP INSTEAD OF WAISTING MY TIME GOING ALL THE WAY INTO THE STORE TO PAY IT OFF!!!!!! I FREAKING HATE THAT SO SO MUCH ITS SO STUPID!!!! I can pay my phone bill in the app but I CANT PAY MY TABLETS OR PHONES OFF IN THE APP??!!?!? How stupid is that?!!! I would most definitely give them 5 stars if they could just change that!!!

100% Unsatisfied Customer Experience


2 weeks into the company, and my internet speed went from 4G with my previous company to 3G with Sprint. Cannot even access my GPS app most of the time. Tried to upgrade my phone, and I was told since I did not qualify even though we brought 5 lines of service to this company. This relationship is very one sided. Having worked for Verizon wireless in the past I can easily tell Sprint does not care to please their new customers at all. #unsatisfiednewcustomer

I wish I had read the reviews before I switched of ...smh


I’m also having trouble with sprint with their false advertising they promised me a lot but in up with a high bill rip off๐Ÿ˜ก



Most of the time the app works ok. 20 year Sprint customer

So upset thats why i give you 3โญ๏ธ


Guys ive been dealing with you and everything was perfect, but this month they charged me ‘220$’ extra on my bill๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’. When i called the customer service they said because i made 53 minute call to Australia while i was checking on my uncle , whatever no one told me that they said i got the unlimited plan which includes everything, so i didnt know and they told me that they cant do anything because this is a valid payment . I’m still a new customer after recommendation from my friends , but really im so upset.

Contract phone plans

Jashon A

Man I feel like a complete idiot! I will not EVER get a contract phone after this, month to month here I come.....

Sprint will tell false promises


Don’t let them fool you! They will trap you in a contact and take all your money and at the end you won’t keep your phone away! Their reception is horrible!!! Customer service won’t help you at all. And the employees at each store are useless!!! DON’T BE A VICTIM OF THIS SCAM! SPRINT WILL GO OUT OF BUSINESS DUE TO THEIR UNETHICAL BUSINESS DOING

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