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Welcome to the My Sprint Mobile app! It's faster and easier than ever to manage your Sprint account.
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Here’s what you can do:
• View & pay your bill
• Review your payment history
• Check your usage
• Check your upgrade eligibility
• Review plans and services
• Troubleshoot connectivity, device and international service issues
• Get support for your device and account
• Report network issues using your current location


Poor Carrier
Lunar is

I switched because I saw one of their tv commercials and thought I would be getting a really good deal on a phone and service. I ended up $65 more dollars a month and I can’t even call and access internet at the same time. This means I have to pay a extra $50 a month for wi fi in my home cause I can’t work from my phone. And forgot working from outside of my home. I have trouble with the single. Best is 3 out of 5 bars. Some days I have to reset network settings 3 times in a day to try to use my phone. $125. A month isn’t worth this. And I can’t even use the app because it constantly says my information is incorrect even if I just created a new password seconds before. The staff is amazing but I’m not spending $125 a month to stand in the store making friends. I’m going back to AT&T when my contract is up with Sprint.

The worst company ever!!!

Either every customer person at sprint is ignorant or a liar... last week I went to a corp sprint store to unlock a phone on my plan. They told me to pay an amount to purchase my phone and then we could unlock it. Of course we needed to wait 3-5 business days for the unlock to go thru. Now, a week later we’re told the amount they said to pay is $17 short and the phone can’t be unlocked?!?!? What!!! are u kidding me!!!! Are these people trained? That phone is leaving for overseas and NEEDs to be unlock now. Sprint, you’ve really screwed me this time. You are the worst, I’m sorry I have to deal with you for one more second

Poor customer service
Coach's wife hms

Very disappointed in Sprint customer service. May be changing my 4 lines to Verizon if issues are not remedied. I have been a Sprint customer for nearly 20 years.

Not happy

My service was disrupted 4 days before the 6 day disruption email. I am sure I will switch wireless carriers this month but good job sprint

Hate sprint
will be leaving

I do not like sprint.

Okay only in USA

I travel outside the USA a great deal. The mobile app and website both are fine if you are in the US. However, despite paying for Sprint Open World, there was absolutely NO WAY to receive help from Sprint outside the country. When I tried to pay bill recently while traveling, neither the app nor the website were available. The app said I was not an authorized user and the website said it was not authorized for use on that server. If you are going to offer what you call international service, you need to make sure you have a way for customers to contact Sprint when they are abroad. YOUR texts asking for payment came through fine (you charged for them!), but when in desperation I tried to text Sprint—even to call customer service, your customer help was completely unavailable. It was frustrating enough for me to think about seeing if another carrier has better international support, despite my being with Sprint a long time. Very disappointing.


Our bills keep going up and they have specials for new customers. Never giving their already long term customers any discounts. Looking for new carrier.

Rip off
[email protected]

Sprint is a rip off need to change

Potential Diamond Buyer

I wish the app allowed you to have more control over your account. I found charges related to features I don’t want, but have to call to disable them.

“Help desk “ No help at all!!

Worst costumer service ever