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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Love it!


At $4, I was expecting a lot from this game -- that was an under-expectation on my part. This puzzle game is probably the coolest game I've ever played from the App Store. It's really something worth buying. I would highly recommend anyone to try it.

Ethereal, wonderful, profoundly moving


I've never played a game like this, so simple, so well-crafted, so understated and touching. The gameplay is addictive and compelling, the artwork is sublime, and the subtle narrative is magnificent and revelatory. Ida is a favorite of all protagonists in games even though she doesn't say a word. She doesn't need to. Her story tells her character perfectly and our imagination is enough to fill the rest. I wish I could make something so moving. I felt genuine emotion for her friend Totem and became invested in their close kinship, his undying loyalty to her somehow so natural and touching. I love this game. I treasure this game. You should too.

Porqueria de juego me estafaron???


Esta es una porqueria de juego me costo 4 dólares y solo tiene 10 niveles si quieres seguir jugando tienes que comprar mas niveles me an estafado ??? ay muchísimos mas juegos mejores y gratis.

Love this game!!


I love this game so much! It's so clean and it has like a creepy vibe to it. When are more levels gonna come? I've been waiting super patiently ?

Epic adventure and sublime concept


This is easily one of the most imaginative visually stunning and engrossing games ever made they could keep this concept going forever and I hope they do. I would pay $10 each for a part 2 and 3, now imagine the Millions of others who would-and start development!

Love it


I really like this game please put more levels cuase I already completed everything but other than that I l?ve it

I love it


Ok this game is amazing and it gets me hooked and I have already beat the game but the only this is that they need more apps just like this or monument valley 2 because I love this game so much

Fantastic game


One of the best game app I ever played, both my wife and I loved it!

I need more!!!!


This app is fantastic, beautiful and engaging. The tranquility of it perfectly balances the challenging courses. I want there to be more levels or a second game. I've replayed it at least 6 times since I first beat it. Please make more!!!

Five stars


Hope new levels will arrive soon. ---previous review--- The idea, the gameplay, the graphics, the music are all great. However it's a little bit easy and short for me