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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd



In addition I'm glad to see the update rolling out soon and fixed the crash for iOS 9.3.2, hope to see new episodes soon!



Thank for fixing the crashing

AMAZING, but...


This game is so beautiful. The game itself is so clear and colorful. I love that it keeps your mind busy and that there is a story behind it. This is the best puzzle game that I've ever played. However, I payed three dollars for an app that had only 10 levels. I finished the whole game in less than a day. I also didn't like the fact that the "Forgotten Shores" levels was an extra two dollars. I really wish that they would add more levels... Very disappointed that it ended so quickly...

Fun and immersive

Andy E.

Great game!

Excellent !

Krug j.

Most beautiful mind bender I've played. Looking forward to new levels.

One of the very best game's in the App Store


Amazing puzzle game! Fantastic music! I thought it was hilarious when you wrote, no new levels, in the prior update.

Well done

The beast of thornad

A very well done game, mathematically and anesthetically pleasing as well.

Worked Perfectly Until Newest Update


This game worked perfectly for me until the newest update. Now all it does is crash whenever I try to load it. Fortunately, I still had a copy of the prior version on my hard drive thus I was able to delete the current version and restore back to the prior version. It's annoying that fixing this game for some users means breaking it for people who were not having problems... makes me wonder if they will fix this game again for those of who are now experiencing a crash bug and will it re-break it for the people who now have the game fixed. This was a game that I previously rated 5 stars. iPhone 6S

more levels please!


I love love this game but please add more levels! you guys recently came out with a cool update but there were no new levels besides the ones I've already bought and played.

Awesome game!!


Honestly the best looking and most well thought out game I've downloaded. Great job!!