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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Amazing, too short


Loved the game. The graphics, music, everything. Only thing stopping me from giving it five stars is the length. Wish it was longer.

Needs more levels or lower price!!!

A Shane fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the game charged me 4 dollars, I thought that if it was that expensive, then it should be a game that would take a long time to beat. I was wrong. I finished this addicting game in less than an hour!!! It only had 10 LEVELS which is crazy because it was 4 dollars. If there's only going to be that many levels, then at least lower the price to make it worth my money.

Best game


Best game on the App Store, hands down. I think that's it totally worth the money



Love this app but I deleted it cause I couldn't get past a level I'm downloading this again

Worth the money!

All usernames taken

Great game. I don't really follow the story line but the puzzles are great. When can we expect to see new chapters???? Aug 2016: Still waiting for new levels!!!

Amazing game, but way too short

Joe Jaffa

I fell in love with this game the second I downloaded it. But I can't give it anymore than two stars. I payed $4 for this, and it was over before I knew it. I assumed this would be one of those games that just kept going and going, but nope. If it was free or had more levels, I'd give it five stars. But having spent money on a game with so few levels, I feel ripped off.



How is this game 600MB?

Expensive but fun


For $4 I'd expect a whole lot more than 10 levels. Ridiculously expensive for what you get. The game is gorgeous and the story is cute. Puzzles were challenging without being frustrating, and I love that there's no hints or anything else to let you take the easy way out. Lower the price or add more levels to the base game!

The perfect game!


In both creativity and beauty, following one of the most enchanting storylines I have experienced before, Monument Valley challenges players with mind boggling puzzles that aren't too difficult to play, and give them a feeling of peace and serenity throughout. All together its an incredibly fun and very interactive game to players all across the Earth! I love it!

More levels please!!!!


Need more levels. Love this game.