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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd



Fixed it now~

Fun but way too short


This game is fun, at times challenging, but way too short. For such a high price and extra cost for more levels it's not worth the money. Add extra *free* levels and maybe I'll change my mind. I finished it in a day, the extra level only took more than a day because one level stumped me for an extra day. Save your money, wait for a sale or extra levels added in. The concept though is awesome!!!!

More new levels please


I know you apologized for not having new levels but I finished the game over 3 times already and I would like to see something new soon.

Level 7 – Forgotten Shores


One of those extremely rare and wonderful games; every single aspect is a work of art and an experience to play. The extended levels of "Forgotten Shores" add welcome nuances and additions to the puzzle design. Level 7 of Forgotten Shores is so astoundingly clever, fun and brain melting, that I recommend the entire game based on it alone. Supporting top tier developers like this is a pleasure, whether or not there are new levels at this moment in time.

Updated update fixed issue.


Thanks for the fix.

Really enjoyed playing


This is a wonderful game that I really enjoyed playing. The amazingly simple yet effective graphics worked for me as well as the relaxing music. I found it more of a meditation than a competition which is all too common in most other games. The entertainment time while playing was worth the money although I'm incredibly sad that it's over. Fortunately with my memory, if I wait a few weeks, starting over is almost as challenging... LOL. The technology used to develop this game is worthy of an encore. I sincerely hope the creator will make the effort to continue this genre of game, even if it involves a new story and character.



May you be blessed with insomnia until there are new levels.



Thank you so much for fixing crash

Love it!


Thanks for the update!

Fixed crash bug. Beautiful game.

Fair mind

Okay, now how about some new levels. ?