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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Best game ever


I've tried so many games but nothing would compare with monument valley . It's insane in an amazing way?????✨✨✨✨ To whom ever created it thank you for this perfect game ❤️❤️❤️ we can't get enough we need moooorrre ????☹️

Great game.

Y no 0 star?

One of few games in store that's so unique and interesting. It has some difficulty there but not so frustrating hard. Every level is unique in its own way. The level box is my favorite. Oh and Ida's dream. It's not in main level but worth to put your time into it. About the price, lots of people complain this game is too short. But to be honest, the kind of game that you can put a lot of time into it. It's either games like unblock it or grinding games like RPG/ARPG games. Other than that, there are countless free games with in game purchase but you can't get half of fun out of it. 4 bucks is a fair price for me. I enjoyed this game and I like like it.

A delight


The story was great. The puzzles were fun. The visuals were superb. The crows were hilarious. I found it had a high replay value.

Yes, more like This


A work of art, literally. PC quality Game, but made for, and in concept would work only on a touch screen. I have played all of the game 9 times to completion, including expansions. It costs what a PC dev game would cost, because thats what it is.


Joe Naveau

Monument Valley is a stunning piece of art. It's beautiful and emotional, as Ida goes through many hard and good times. The app is brilliant, and touches my heart.

No, not an "Essential"


An Apple "Essential", I believe, implies it is essential to own the app if it is in your genre, in this case, Games. I own many games, but feel this term is now WAY subjective. Yes, this game was easy on the eyes and required some thinking, but that is almost irrelevant to the very limited amount of gameplay provided. And then to charge $4? Simply overpriced, as many of the other reviews say. For example, I thought the ONE-MOVE tutorial was just that, a very simplistic example of how the character moves. But that was considered a whole chapter! There are only 10 chapters. In fact, this whole game felt like a tutorial that when done, would THEN lead to a four dollar game. But it is clearly not. This should've only been a dollar, I don't care how "beautiful" it is, gameplay and content are equally or more important.

Absolutely Loved it!


This whole game, is amazing in my opinion. It messes with your mind, is fun and slightly challenging, the art style and sounds are beautiful, and the idea behind it is beyond clever! And even the story, if you choose to try and get into it and piece it together(like Journey) it grabs you! I love this game, and can't wait for more chapters!

Is not working


It had an update and not it won't open and it won't let me uninstall or anything is just frozen please fix.

Enchanting, Beautiful, memorizing


This game is beautiful, I love it. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes peaceful yet challenging games. I am in love with this game. This game is memorizing. Unlike anything I've ever played before. The story is beautiful and the ending was just perfect.

Wonderful Game


This game is amazing. I was introduced to Monument Valley through a friend, and was a bit skeptical due to the price. I can get why it isn't free though. It must have taken a very long time to develop this game. It plays with geometry, problem solving, and illusions. Overall a great game.