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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Pal. Don't get it. THE PRAISE IS A LIE!

Josh 426364

THE PRAISE IS A LIE! Ok ok ok. First things first. The game costs about 4$s or so, so it has to be a good app that will last a WHILE. Now enough of this "beauty" crap. All that beauty takes up 651 megabytes which is quite a bit for an app. And personally, I don't see any beauty. I see boredom. The levels are actually kind of boring as most of the puzzles are too easy to be the actual gameplay. WAY too short. I beat this game in a DAY. You want more levels? Aww, you have to pay EVEN MORE! Like four bucks wasn't already enough for an app? I mainly bought this app because of the praise. (The story isn't even that good!) I think it even got game of the year once. But what about all those other GOOD apps like Turbo Dismount or maybe one of those Goat Stimulaters. Alright, this isn't really too big of a deal, but lemme just say, there is no humor what so ever in this. And you know what... At the end of the day, I deleted the app. And that is the important part.

Stunning, But...


There are only 10-levels. I'm not sure if I understand the story. There were no rewards for completing the game. It's fun, though. Good for the pooper.



Although this game is fun and interesting, the levels run out very fast and then you have to pay even more ($2.00) to get the next levels! Do not waste your money on this quick game.

Short game for the money.


I paid for this game and beat it in less than 2 days. Hope for updates with new levels. Love the game just too short!



This is my all time favorite game app ever! I adore everything about this game however, I need more levels! I hope to have more to play soon! ?

I can't download this app


hi I did enjoy your app. but it doesn't download rightnow, after removing your app for my iphone6s recovered.

A engrossing, imaginative walk through a world of puzzles.


Can't recommend this highly enough. In won me over both as a game and as a work of art.

Want my money back!


Wow the worlds shortest game that I just paid 3.99 plus tax for. It was a wonderful game but much to easy. I breezed through it in one day. Was there really only ten levels?!?! What a rip off !

Great Game!!! Except for....


Let me start out with the truth. Really good game, except for .... Well, the money. Really? 4 dollars? I mean you get 10 levels and you have to pay for the other 8. And it takes up so much storage. Other than that it's a great game and I love it because of the funky perspective and geometric shapes and puzzles.

Need New levels


There should be more levels and new levels please, that doesn't cost more money.