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Messenger is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Stop annoying me!


Omg, this app needs an update every daggone week. While many people might allow updates at all times, I do not. I am sick of approving Messenger so much. What the heck are the developers doing that we need numerous updates? I no longer trust this app, and I will be uninstalling today. Useless.

Notification problems


Don't get notifications when people send me messages or they appear for a second and disappear. Fix this because the app is rendered useless.

Terrible update!

Kobr Bryant

Since the update I don't get any notifications because whenever I open the app it always prompts me to sign in and set up my phone number even after I already did it.

Have to login every time


Now I need to login on a daily basis... What gives?



I like it

Notification problem...


Please fix the whole notification thing. I went to my settings in messenger and my notifications are on. So I shouldn't be missing anything like that. Because I know a few times I was like 35 minutes late or so to reply back with someone because of the whole notification issue. Please fix... That would be great.

So slow and freezes all the time!!!!


This app takes forever to load anything, it's always freezing up, and never tells you when people send you message requests. Get your act together Facebook!!!



When I am suppose to get a notification about a message it doesn't show up in my notification bar I hear the alert only bug it's does not show the message

Watch app broken


The apple watch app is completely broken. I can see notifications but if i open the app, it just loads endlessly.i tried reinstalling with no effect. It's been like this for months...

Same notification issue as everyone else


Notification sounds, disappears, and doesn't appear in notification swipe down. I have to manually open Messenger to see if I have messages. Even tried reinstalling with no change in the issue.