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Messenger is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Notifications issues

Game man 3638483

Notifications do no work how they should be.

Notification problems in lock screen


I have been having notification problems with the messenger app in the lock screen of my iPhone for at least a week now. Whenever I receive a new message in the lock screen, it briefly appears for a split second then it will disappear from the lock screen. I tried updating the app which I thought would fix it and I even tried reinstalling the app but the problem is still not fixed. I hope Facebook can fix this issue quickly because this is annoying and i won't always know if I get a new message if it does not stay in the lock screen.

Need to work on

ladi t

This app is giving me problem. I log out of it and be trying to log back in and it won't work. I have to restart my iPad just so I can log back in.

This app crashed and burned


Worst app ever. I have to constantly delete and reload it because it stops working. I hate that I can't see my messages on my phone without using this stupid app that won't even work. I have to log onto my computer just a view my messages. Read your reviews FB and fix it--until then I just tell people to text me and please don't message me.

Well-polished & convenient


doesn't deserve the hate



I am not a fan of this latest update! I can not log-in without uninstalling the messenger app then re-installing it. I do not call that an upgrade, I would call it a DOWNGRADE!

? Seriously?


App notifications do not work, ever. App does not sync with website; messages visible on the website do not appear in app. I expect FB to have terrible UI and obnoxious ads, but this app is not even functional. Ridiculous! ?????





Soup food

I do NOT want notifications, especially since I already get them for the Facebook app!! I do NOT want people to be able to track my usage!! I keep updating and deleting this stupid app in the hopes that you will make it less horrible, but it just keeps getting worse! I meant to say NO notifications the first time you asked. Do not ask me 4 more times in a row, and then force a red badge on the notifications icon!! This app would be SO handy if you guys weren't so aggressively trying to force me to use it! Deleted. Again. Update: downloaded to check up on new update. Deleted. Again.

I can't download Facebook messenger app...


I can't download Facebook messenger app...