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Messenger is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.



Can't sent videos it's frustrating they just stay as loading but it never advances .


Geo ??

Look, I love messanger and always have, but frankly I've been having lots of problems lately and have not been happy with it. I cannot send messages anymore without it telling me, cannot load conversations and every time I send a message a red exclamation mark pops up that gives me options to retry, retry all delete and some other one. Apparently I've talked with my friends and they can see my message, but I can't see theirs. A lot have told me it's been happening to them to. At first I thought it was my wifi, but it works perfectly for my mum, and the wifi has no problem. So I very much would appreciate it if you guys would take the time to really update the app and try to fix the problem!! Thank you!! And I appreciate everything you guys do and will try to do!! ?

nicely done


nice apps

Constant problem

Jordan jasmine Johnson 2346

My messages only appear on lockscreen for a few seconds then disappear

Need Fixing Asap !


I accidentally erased this app (about 3 days ago) so I went to re-download it and it would not go thru like if I never clicked to download. I erased another app that I rarely used and tried re-downloading it and it did with no problem. Fix ASAP plz !!! lol hate having to go thru safari just so ican read my inbox???

"Recent" notification bug


This version introduced a bug where Recent shows "Recent (1)" even though I'm looking at the conversation that's supposed to have the new message.

Notifications ???

Amazing Ame?

I recently started getting no notifications it would appear on my lock screen but disappear and I would have to open the app to see my messages and sometimes I don't even get notifications . I tried uninstalling it and downloading but nothing worked ; I hope y'all can't fix this problems.



This app is creepy for the simple fact that it's using your microphone 24/7. So even if the app isn't open, they are listening to you when your phone is around you. Then you wonder 'I was talking about throwing a party and I see all these party related ads now' it's because thy were listening to you and selling the data. Unless you don't care about FaceBook basically knowing all you're doing anonymously, you shouldn't have the app installed.

Better and better...


I love the possibility of going through the whole album of pictures exchanged on conversation simply by clicking on any picture recently sent or received. I don't know if it's a new feature or if I only notice now, but I really missed that. You guys read my mind. Thanks! The app works perfectly on my iPad. :)

Update issues


Same problem as everyone else from the sound of it- i get a messenger alert sound and then nothing comes through, or it comes through delayed.