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June's Journey: Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

Videos/ads do not work


I love this game but the last two days, none of the ads are working. I like to watch the videos/ads to reduce my energy used to 10 instead of 15 but the ads stop, get stuck & never finishes. This is extremely frustrating & has forced me to stop playing until it gets fixed, even with the latest update today, the ads ar3 not working.

Problem opening the app


I really like this game. However, today the app won’t load past 30%. I am missing out on the detectives participation event, which I really enjoy because one can earn extra rewards. I hope they get this fixed soon. I stopped playing Pearl’s Perils because of the same issue.

Crashes every time an ad comes on!

Toots Too

‘nuff said!

Loved this game


I loved this game until the latest update. Now all I get is a server error message when trying to load my scene to play. Very frustrating!! I’m unable to find customer support hence my posting here !


yellow dog 2

The artwork on the hidden scenes is beautiful. Very skillful artist(s). As you play the scene more and more items are added. This makes each scene an interesting challenge.

Obsessed but having recent problems


So I work from home and this is one of the only two games I’ve downloaded on my phone to play. Love it and play it every day. Lately though I’ve been having the issue where I’ll go to load and play a scene and then get an error message and it kicks me out. When I go back to the main screen, my stars are gone that were used towards the scene and I’ve gotten the same issue 4 times already. Love the game overall but that’s a recent issue I’ve had.

Ummm WHAT?


Ok I have been playing this for very long time and almost finished with the château thinking I am going to see the new island and now there is a new airfield to remodel so I asking does the new airfield keep us from going to new island till that’s remodeled ?please say no



On chapter 18 very last puzzle it won’t load needs to be fixed


Pip $

Thrilled to see the airstrip!

Horrible Since Version Update!


I downloaded this game less than a month ago and quickly got addicted. I played several times a day, built my estate and progressed to level 40. Since the version update, there are major bugs. Watch ad will let you watch but doesn’t record it. Can’t move to the next level on Landmark. Games closes for no reason or screen turns back. Very frustrating, I will delete soon if not resolved.