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June's Journey: Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh


princess Sofie

Wow! Now I am getting other island to explore. I don’t know if it thanks from developers for all troubles with freezing adds or it new progress in the game, but I love it. Didn’t see anything like it for others, but probably it is coming. And it seems that adds finally fixed.

Good but bad


I loved the game, unfortunately, it kept freezing my phone after it’s last update. I had to delete it


hickup girl

Love the game love to find things



nobody puts a partial moon on a chair. Nobody whom is asked to FIND a moon looks on a chair expecting to find a partial wooden moon on a chair. It doesnt even look like any moon! Its not even a moon or half moon or quarter moon. Its a wooden decoration. Wow the longer you go on this the more ridiculous you get! Please stay real! (and I didnt say make it easy)

Don’t waste time watching ads for energy!


Have tried several times to watch ads to get extra energy. I watch them but don’t get the energy added to my game. Game is fun but not working as advertised!

New version


With the new version it is impossible open the game

Don’t bother.


This is nothing but a money pit created by greedy developers. I must say that this game could have been great had the developers cared about their customers but like most games these days not a chance in hell. Do yourselves a favor and stay as far away as you can.

Good game


I really like the game but if you have to exit a scene before Completion it doesn’t save your progress. You have to start over & you lose the energy it cost to play.

Well, it’s good, and fun except for.............


I love this game, and have a lot of fun. Except for all thr ads popping up. Right now I’m writing this because my game is stuck on an ad that won’t stop or let me move on! I’d much rather be playing, or reading up on something fun. I’d love to update and say that my problem is fixed, but it isn’t. I have done everything I was told to, but the ad still sticks for hours. It is the ad you need to click on to use 10 energy RN stead of 15. So irritating! Well here I am telling you not to try this game until they fix this problem! Thread still sticks for hours and that is no Fun! My device is still doing this , but I’m assured that a fix is going to be done soon! Hurray! Go get um ! I want my game back!


murry hill

I just downloaded this game today and I like the mystery however, I already purchased $4.99 in order to continue playing the game. How I’m having to purchase more to continue and I haven’t finished the mystery. Why is this game so expensive? Is there a way to play without having to pay so much money? Thank you.