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June's Journey: Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

Lovvvvveee itttttt


I can’t stop playing this game, I’ll be up for hours trying to beat the top score, just can’t get enough

June’s journey


Very entertaining and sharpen your memory

Will not load past 54 - Fixed

Happy Fred 462

June I miss you. Please help my iPadpro load! Fixed now, Thank You


Claudia Morefield

I can not get my game to update after playing it for way over a year. Sadness.

Great game!


Love playing



The problem with the ads seems to be fixed and you have added more building space. I’m on level 605 and really appreciate these additions. In this game you sometimes have to be patient waiting for buildings to be ready but there are so many extra ways to earn coins, energy etc. Good job.

Love this game, but...


When I pick up my iPad at night, this is the first game I open. I like the combination of finding hidden objects and earning things to build my estate. That being said, the load time for ads is becoming ridiculous. I have to wait 30 seconds for a 30 second ad to load. You multiply that by all the things you have to watch ads for, and it becomes really frustrating. Please, PLEASE consider making a paid version of this app. I would be willing to shell out a few bucks to have to not watch all the freaking ads. Maybe throw in a few compasses each week as a bonus to those who pay for the app. I get that the developers want to pace people racing through the story, but I can barely get any compasses by going back and playing previous levels. I’ve got loads of coins to spend, and nowhere to put anything. Maybe provide the option to spend coins on compasses? Or the flowers to help advance in levels? I gotta have something to spend all my coins on. #waiting

June’s Journey


I really enjoy the searching for the items! However, the instructions or tips elude me that play just before the game starts. Thanks for listenng.

compasses (& again)


ONE COMPASS IN THREE DAYS OF GAME PLAY?!? (not to mention prob well over 1000 lightening bolts) COME ON THATS RIDICULOUS 😡 totally disappointed in the fact that they are SO rare, TOO rare, that your gameplay has to come to a screeching halt. without a ridiculous amount of compasses u can't move forward ... not everyone wishes to or can afford to spend $49/$99 to be able to obtain them. AND they aren't given away at times for rounds on end ... give more, get more. if expansions were able to happen more readily (more earned compasses) then buyers would be more apt to purchase items to build! either way ... I am at a standstill.

No land

Lucy's lucy

They hook you on this game, get your money. Then you run out of land, they continue to throw compasses at you, which are now worthless. Seems like they take you to a certain point in the game, then stop. No more buildings. Just nonsense. If you are going to promote a game-take it all the way, not this no land, you figure out how to continue to play. Absurd.