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June's Journey: Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

Fun little game


Update: no interest from the developers in solving the ad redirect issue, so I deleted it. Pluses: I’ve made it to level 60 (293 stars) without paying a penny. For the most part the ads are completely optional to watch. The design is visually appealing. Minuses: Some ads redirect to the App Store, which I believe is against Apple policy. The ads are long. There are a few places where watching is necessary (like the lighthouse). Repeating the last star to master a scene gets tedious. If you’re willing to wait, most of the time ad watching is not needed. Even if you do watch ads, you can move along without paying anything. Fun little distraction as long as you don’t expect it to be more of a game than it is.

Extraordinary Game❣️❣️❣️


From the amazing graphics, to the storyline, the buildings, decorations, the gifts 🎁 the ability to gift a plant to a player, etc. there is nothing missing in this game to call it EXTRAORDINARY 💟 I look forward to playing it every day after work or anytime I want to relax my mind. It is like meditation 🧘🏻‍♂️ while enjoying being “Here and Now!” Standing ovations to the creators and developers 👏🏼👏🏼 Anita 😊🐞

💕this game


Fun yet challenging. App responds quickly. Truly enjoy playing!!👍🤗

Ground to a halt


I have been playing June’s Journey since October 2017 and am on Level 434 in Chapter 87.I am currently in a holding pattern since I need 151 petals just to move to the next scene and complete the chapter. I have calculated that each petal costs 30 coins. Each time I replay a scene I typically earn 75 coins. I need 5,430 coins to build something that will give me 151 petals. That means I need to play a scene 72 times to earn enough coins to buy items that will get me the petals I need. Can I tell you how boring that is? I have been replaying scenes to try to save up enough coins to purchase a building that will not only give me enough to finish this chapter but will allow me to progress through the next. The Grand Greenhouse gives 2400 petals and costs 72,000. That 2400 petals might get me through the next chapter. Oh yes, once I buy it I must wait 6 days for the building to be complete or use purple diamonds to speed up the process. I would spend real money for coins and diamonds if the deal wasn’t so ridiculous. It costs $99.99 for 25,000 coins. Those 25,000 coins will let you buy something that will yield 833 petals. That is not enough petals to get through a chapter. I was able to complete another Wooga game, Pearl’s Peril, without getting stuck like this. I want to keep playing June’s Journey, but my motivation is fading fast in the face of these difficulties.



I have never been a fan of phone games nor leaving comments about apps however this game is an exception. I have only been playing for a few weeks but I am so invested! I tell everyone about the game and encourage them to play, I even get excited when I can show my boyfriend the beautiful paradise i’ve begun to build! My only wish would be more energy given but thats just because I never want to put this down!

Officially Addicted!!


I have never purchased a game for free other then solitaire, and have forgotten about solitaire for like 3 months now? I play this game EVERY DAY! It’s not just one game and a story, but there are other challenges and winnings you can play in the meantime while you’re playing the main game! The story is delightful, the characters are realistic, and each level takes you around the world! Another cool thing, I’ll admit I’m only 30 years old and I’m finding and learning names of items and objects that have been around since the 1900’s. I applaud that. At thanksgiving I actually knew what a garlic press was, and my mom was shocked. Only because of playing this game haha! Have fun everyone! I’ll try to gift as many bushes as I can to you all!


Jessica's Devices

When you get into the upper levels the decorations stall. You really only get the seasonal special ones and they kind of forget to put more in the regular one to help go up levels.

Game Issues

Claudia Rimer

Can not contact you from my game app. Your response to previous guest is hung up. The new Detective Game shows I am now earning anything. Love the game. Looking forward to your help



I opened the game this morning and seen another section getting ready to open, I am so happy, I love this game so much, the , story , graphics, it takes you away, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, keep up the great work, and keep the game moving, by the way , where is the bridge going 😉

Slow moves


This is a fun game at the start but now it’s boring slow to advance and made to stop your progress.. have to use and entire energy pack to complete a final star. Made to stop your progess