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June's Journey: Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

What happened??


Game used to be a lot of fun, I played it every day. Now for the past week it keeps freezing with the videos and no compass on any of the star boxes. Just energy and coins. A really fun game turned into a very frustrating game! Will be deleting if it continues. To many other good games out there! A week later and game is still not fixed. Now when I have to get coins to receive 5 diamonds I click on the Estate coins and I should be getting 150 coins I got 80! Deleting the game, way to aggravating with the bugs that never get fixed!

Still cannot open app


Since August 9th I have not been able to open the game. I have installed the new update, have closed all running apps, reinstalled and rebooted and still it will not open. What else can I possibly do? Have also cleared browser history. Are you still working on a fix or was this update supposed to take care of the recent problems?

What the ****

Di Di girl

WHY CAN’T I LOAD MY GAME ??? I updated and closed any apps running in the background. My other games open with no issue ! I’ve been playing quite a while and would prefer not to lose my progress. I really like this game a lot. I want it back. I have spoken to several support members and I am told I have to prove I own my game. I can’t because my user ID is gone. It will not appear. Like I said...What the****

could be much better


-Label of items not common American. Are misidentified (blinds are called a shutter) or a British label is used (gas can is a gerry can and a gas can is an LP gas tank). -Items will be partially shown, faint or barely seen on another item. -Forces you to make moves you don't want to make instead of allowing you to make your own choices then have to undo what is chosen for you hoping you can make arrangements as you had them. -Is now forcing me to store something on a ship I don't want to move instead of putting the "gift" where I want it. May be the termination of this game for me. Pearl's Perils is the same. I end it for the same reasons.

This update didn’t fix anything


Awwww come on it’s been a week and a half of not being able to play. This update didn’t fix it the problem for IPads. Did you test it before sending this update out? Now I’ll get a email with the standard form reply that your working on the problem. Prove it ! ! ! Can’t believe it’s been a week since the game crashed after the upgrade and haven’t been able to play since. Claim they’re working on it but returning to the last working version sounds like an easy fix. Grrrrrrrrrr Game loaded once then crashed and won’t load again. Grrrrrrrrr Last update has made the game inoperable, starts to load then quits repeatedly. It was freezing when ads played on the previous update and I hoped this was going to fix that but no, now it won’t run at all. I sent a report directly to Wooga got a reply asking for more info which I supplied. Haven’t heard anything since, I love this game and am very frustrated not being able to play.

June’s Journey

you are not letting send

Been playing this game for a year. I have enjoyed until today. Volume 2 Flights Fancy Chapter 19 earned 475/1250 now I’m out of land yes I have sold and added items as needed. Every time I sale items - you add flowers to get to the next chapter ok - but no land ??? I have coins 99561 diamonds 218 need 93 flowers to move to 597 after 3 days are up I’m waiting earning more coins on 595 also earning compass to clear the clouds but no land to clear clouds already done? Now what? I wanted to finish this game! I played Pearl’s Peril and finished the game 5 stars !!!!! Please get back to me add more Island or something?

Game crashes all the time


The game crashes every time you need to watch a video. They need to fix it NOW!!! It’s been like this for a month now with no fix yet.

June Journey


I absolutely love this game. I am so addicted to this game. I’ve been to the point of waiting for Thursday to roll around so I can play a new chapter. Wondering when you might open up new property areas? I’ve runout of room to put purchased items. Well anyway this is a wonderful game, helps a lot with memory issues as well as hand to eye coordination. Cant wait to play more! 8/28/19 We are still having trouble with the ads. I have to reboot my iPad every time just to play game. Ads lock up... hope you can fix this. It’s been 2 months now.


zuse mine

I’m still having trouble with the game locking up when the commercials start. Also I never receive any materials. It’s been over a month since I received them. Help please. I do love the game but just want it to work properly.



Try it now 😍😍