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June's Journey: Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

They will die by me

gavin c budach


Wooga (Dario and April) are dictators


I am obsessed with this game. It’s the first game I’ve played every single day since I got it and I love it sooooo much. About a month ago I joined a Facebook group that is pretty official and it has wooga representatives in it. I got a lot of helpful tips and then one day I made a comment about one of the challenges (totally respectful) and they removed me from the group. They censor posts that aren’t 100% supportive of everything they do. I am in shock. I don’t know if I can even keep playing the game and supporting these people.

Love this game but......


It keeps crashing when watching videos. When you have to watch the videos for the building of the light house or to use only ten arrows to play a level, the game crashes two or three times. It a little annoying but just wondering if there needs to be an update so the ability to watch the video can happen.

June’s Journey


I have been playing this game for over a year and now I can’t get into it because it said has to be purchased! NEVER had to purchase this version. I was up to level 200 and now I’m out. Totally pssssted!!

Progress Blocked After Game 17


Just mastered Game 17 (Richmond Library) and cannot proceed further. The game is not dead - other features are functioning. Please advise.

Incredible game!!


I absolutely love this game! I think the storyline is great, and I love decorating the island. It is by far the best hidden object game out there. My only wish is that we could move the plants that are gifted since some of them are really nice. Other than that, keep up the great work!!



I love the game, but have just recently started having trouble with the ads. I will watch an ad, then it will take me to the ap store, I then have to go back into the game and it will appear as though I never watched the ad! I have contacted Wooga and I keep getting the same reply- Screenshot the ad, note the time, blah, blah, blah....I have decided that if they cannot get it fixed, I’ll just quit playing. I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue or not, but I’m done with it. Too bad, because it’s a fun game. I’m just not wasting anymore time watching their ads. There are too many other ways to waste my time. 🙂

Thought it might be fun


I absolutely refuse to pay money to lay games that keep pushing me to add social media so they can advertise. Kind of like giving your information to get a store rewards card and find out that they sold your information, deleted


zxcvb nmjhg fdsa

If I see one more ad for the gun grabbing, socialist, tax raising, anti American, wanna be president I will delete this game. You have American flags in this game, keep it American. I will most likely see this ad again so might as well end my affiliation with you now. I enjoy the game and they more or less gave an apology for the ad. I have not seen any since.

Too hard to advance.


The graphics are good and the storyline is okay. The random surprises are fun. However... After you acquire all the buildings (which I did a long time ago) and excel to chapters in the 80s, it becomes too hard to advance to 4th and 5th pages in the chapters, let alone advance in the chapters as a whole. I spent A LOT of money acquiring coins and diamonds and never felt like I got ahead, which including purchasing all the limited offers. Also takes too long to acquire compasses to clear parts of the island. There are too many landmark renovations per landmark. It just got to the point where it was expensive and laborious and not fun anymore. Not progressing quickly enough. So I deleted the app and won’t go back to it. It started to feel like a rip off.