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June's Journey: Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

Started off good, but...


Fun game. I’ve really enjoyed it. The different aspects work well together, but once you hit a certain level the bugs start. Rough transitions back to the game from commercials/advertisements. Sometimes it won’t take you back to the game or won’t give you the credit it should for watching. Becomes very frustrating as you just try to get back to playing. Who ever monitors the game must be on vacation or doesn’t care...



I don’t understand this game or how to get to the next level. I’ve played the same level 15 times and know where all the objects are at this point. Very weird confusing game.

Problem with scenes


This is crap. Two or three starting scenes get stuck and don’t acknowledge the objects when you tap on them. Restarting doesn’t work. Restarting my phone doesn’t work. I lose my energy bars. Chews up lots of memory and it’s a rip.

It won’t work!!!


I am ADDICTED to this game but every since I did the latest update, it won’t work! The purple ‘wooga’ screen pops up then it shuts off! PLEASEEEEEE fix it!!!!

It was fun at first, but...


I cannot understand why they “reward” you with the same stupid decor . Seriously, I have 4 or 5 of “fashionably late”, why...? Why can’t you give other ones? Shorten the time of your special events, so I don’t get stuck with so many of the same thing. I would like to get rid of them(sell them), but then I would need approx 1000 “flowers” to continue the game. So I keep hiding them behind buildings and trees. I am getting bored with the time it takes to accumulate what is required to continue on and playing the same scene. I had hoped it would be fun for longer than a month...



I sincerely LOVE this game and play it every day, several times a day. But, I’m extremely disappointed that you have not added another island. Surely I’m not the only player to have reached this level (645), although your leaderboard only reflects two players. Myself and the fictitious Jack Hayes (which is kinda lame, but not a crucial thing). I have rearranged both islands completely at least 5-6 times trying my best to utilize the available space. I’ve even sold off/stored 98% of the items worth 5 points or less to replace them with items worth more in order to continue to advance. Not being able to expand has severely crippled my ability to complete the Help Wanted Challenges or the timed challenges for special awards. I know you told me that my compasses are being stored, but I have no way of knowing how many I currently have, nor did you commit to providing a timeline when another island would be added. And although on occasion we are rewarded with building parts, no new buildings, that yield coins, have been added in forever. And, why are we not able to get more than ONE of those available? After all, towns do have more than one school, movie house, etc. It would also be nice if those could be moved to another island if we wanted to. Granted, I’ve been playing awhile, but at the rate of only one renovation a day and twelve days to advance a level, I am only half way through with the Mountain Chateau. Seems to me that your developers aren’t quite in sync with keeping up with a players progress for expansion and that of renovation or new buildings. PLEASE add another island ASAP! ☹️ I’m begging you! Please add another island! Update: Thanks for your email response and acknowledging that it’s annoying, because I agree. You said you needed more details, but didn’t elaborate what that might be despite the previous lengthy, and what I feel is a detailed review. You recommended I get in touch via the support contact form. I had also already done that. You said you could resolve my issues nice and quick. As far as I’m concerned, adding another island would do that. And after going to your FB page, I see that I’m not the only player harping about that. You’re about to release your Valentine Seasonal Set. Since I’ve been playing for over a year, I already have two lots filled with Valentine stuff, and clearly no room to add more, let alone continue to purchase the current seasonal set pieces you so vigorously push on us as it winds down through the Help Wanted Challenges unless I sell off or store items. And doing either certainly doesn’t result in any benefit to the player as you lose points or sell off your items at a loss. That doesn’t result in much headway for progressing either. I may accrue the space and a few more coins, but I’ve not gained much adding the new item if I’ve lost just as many or more points than it took to get the new piece. I’ve manipulated everything on both islands, until I’m exhausted. I’ve sold things or stored things and struggled to regain the points again. I’ve got so many of the current Seasonal items, I’m sick of them and when I’m rewarded with a free one, I have nowhere to put it! Please just add another island. I think you’d make a lot of your loyal players happy by doing so. Thanks.

Ad Issues


Sometimes, you must watch the same ad or multiple ads to get the benefit of reduced energy for the playing of scenes. Same is true to speed up clues. Extremely annoying.

Love it!


I love the era and that you can earn money and diamonds rather than having to pay every time to keep playing. It’s fun, interesting and very detailed. Would definitely recommend!!

It is fun but a scam — often the ads don’t give the promised rewards


It is a good “hidden object” game (really more like cluttered pictures). It also has a nice story. But it is ad supported (optional but allows for much faster progress and lets you play more levels). That would not be a problem , except that every few days, you will watch the ad but it will not give a reward and then the app is stuck on a screen that says “ad loading” and you have to force quit. And to get the reward, you have to watch again. Customer support will do nothing for this. Unless you take a screenshot of every ad you ever watch so you can send a screenshot of the ad that caused problems. What a scam! To make it worse, they replied to my last review saying “we automatically Reward you even if the video fails to load” which is sometimes true (but the times that happens, it is after watching a loading screen for almost a minute) but they do NOT reward you when you actually do watch the ad and the game does not give you the reward AND the developer deletes reviews.

App support ....ads


The game kept closing out every time an ad video played and I wrote for support, followed their instructions and the game still shuts down when an ad runs. It is pointless to have a game you can’t enjoy. I am so disappointed cuz I love the game.