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June's Journey: Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

Developer/Support doesn’t care about long time players rate a ZERO!


I’d give this a zero if I could. That’s sad because I used to love this game. I’ve played 4 to 5 times daily for 15 months and am on level 408. I’ve noticed that the game has not only become more challenging but also BORING! For the record I’ve played the same scene for 15 days straight. It will be another two before I have enough to purchase the next building and then four more before it become mature so I can move to the next scene. In trying to make the game more challenging they only managed to put so many roadblocks towards moving on that it has become impossible. No other game leaves you stuck for so long with no remedy in near sight. Ive written to the developer several times regarding this and basically they have replied that they don’t really care. To invest this much time in a game plus $20 a month and have it come to this is beyond sad. Engaging and fun it is no longer. If you want a great game for the short term it is fun but around level 375 you’ll spend more time spinning your wheels than actually playing. Terrible that the developer/support doesn’t care. What a waste of my investments of time and Monet!😭🙀😢😛😫😤

PLEASE Fix whatever is plugging this up!


I love this game and have been playing for a long time, however every night when I go to reduce the cost by watching the commercial, it goes black and I can’t play for the evening. Is this permanent or will it be fixed?