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Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino is free iOS app published by Big Fish Games, Inc

Mission impossible to win

Really big fish casino


Fun & entertaining


I always have lots of fun and challenges playing your casino. Congratulations ??


Joe Music 33

Play every morning…



Big fish is nothing but greedy. There was a new update recently that gives you small bonuses when members of your club win big. I’ve put about $30-$50 into this game just to be left in the dust. Don’t waste your money. Fix the algorithm and stop being greedy.



Payouts and jackpots have been a lot less over the years.. a lot less. Not as much fun anymore.

FYI the truth


Expensive fake chips & absolutely rigged! Both same with the big fish casino. Goggle class action settlement. They need money to pay off legal & settlement.

Updates and events

Disgusted and annoyed mom

This is getting ridiculous with Big Fish! I have both apps and both apps haven’t given me updates &/or events in about a month! My teammates are on their 3rd event which I have never received! This is so ridiculous!!!



Waiting forever for my accounts to be merged and no one has cared to contact me !!!

It’s a scam!!!!!!!

Hollywood Rob 4

This app sucks….. You never win, and I don’t buy coins cause it’s a scam….. I hear thousands of people in the game complaining about it, plus the maker of this app was in a class action lawsuit a few years back cause it’s a scam.

It knows when you bet more!


It is programmed to sense when you are betting over a certain percent of the winnings you have accumulated. Also the more you bet the less winning spins. Vegas table games don’t even do that. I feel bad for those that pay to play. I don’t have my free spins any more and get the lowest possible amounts when spinning most of the time. That didn’t happen before either. The little 350000 freebie lasts about 10 spins.