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Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino is free iOS app published by Big Fish Games, Inc



Losing all the time wasting money.

Now Woke


App now is supporting BLM and Racist. Don’t download!!!! SUPER RIGGED!!!

Not fair


I guess since I’m not a paying player they won’t let me win. Only the high tier paying players win big. Either way I’m still not paying to play this app. Just not worth it. 1 star

Lied about what games are available


I was looking for literally the first game they advertise and I downloaded it, looked through all the games and they don’t have it available. Not even unlocked ones. They need to take the “Crazy Money Deluxe” off their list because they don’t have it.

They just want your $


Loose, loose, loose. They want you to buy more coins so you can loose more. DO NOT PURCHASE COINS!

Big Fish

Dorothy Lucille

This is a great game need to try it you will really enjoy it.

FC 52348483 Slotty

Mukarram A Durrani

Player since 2009 at the both apps big fish casino and jackpot magic slots, I go back and forth in both games, really great graphics and fun in game events! odds can be rough at times but totally understand the algorithms and the platform, Staff is very helpful and they are always nice to me whenever I emailed regarding any query I had. Best casino app out there trust me, If you haven't tried it yet you must. May the odds be with you and have a wonderful Christmas. Ali

Thank you ?????


Good luck?????



Very fun