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Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino is free iOS app published by Big Fish Games, Inc



One of the best

A very entertaining Game


I have been playing, I guess the simple side of this app, but it is very entertaining. A multitude of different games to choose from, and you’re always adding new games. Well done! If your patient, you can build up quite a nest egg of funds....I’m over a billion now....exciting in my book! Kevin



It’s one of my favorite slot games!

Scam game


They tell you that it’s “free,” but it’s not. Game kept getting worse. Don’t spend on this app. Amazing that apple lets them on their platform. They lost a big court case now they’re gouging people. Good luck with these frauds

Bad game !!!????

Chris 3-3-78

Can’t win anything on this game and when you do win something they take it right back before you win anything else can’t ever get ahead this game is a waste of time and money !!!



This app and your other site is a huge rip off and not enjoying anymore

Jackpot magic


Very disappointed as it is very hard to win



I really do enjoy playing. But all the zeros is taking the fun out of game. Buying chips go fast. You win a few spins then lose after a few wins. My Christmas wish for a few more wins to make it enjoyable. Thank you.



Tired of just loosing, even after buying fake tokens with real cash

Total waste of time


This game is horrible. You might get about 5 minutes of playing time if your lucky. It’s a waste of money to buy chips hence the class action lawsuit against them. If you do decide to play good luck you’ll need it. WOW a billionaire winning a Jackpot and I can’t even win. They say it is a game of chance. It’s not, not even close to random winnings. Their algorithm is set so you lose from the start. They know it and will not change. I hope everyone boycotts the game for 1 day maybe then they will loosen up the slots. Doubtful they are that smart. Just greedy.