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Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino is free iOS app published by Big Fish Games, Inc

A great series of games!

Shakespeare 12

Thank you!

Why not the rest of us???


Why does BF pick who will and who won’t win? While playing you look at other players profiles and they have millions yet some of us have only a couple hundred thousand. The others keep winning and the rest of us keep loosing. We can’t win enough to keep playing. You have to spend money to get on higher tiers and that’s money some of us do not have. BF why not give us broke players some good wins. We can’t bet with higher bets because we don’t have it to bet with. Give us players some wins so we can continue to play and stay in our clubs to spin and fund and continue to play. This review is exactly right. You can’t win in either casino, they have clubs but you can’t stay in them because you don’t have the chips to fund or to spin with and the leaders kick you out. It’s really discouraging to play in a BF Casino.

Biggest scam on App Store

Ripoff slot app

This game is the biggest scam on the planet, 1. Nigeria scam 2. Ivory Coast 3. Big Fish Casino Total rigged crooks

Happy New Year


So far I’m winning big. So I love this game!!!

Scam. Do Not Download!


Used to be a fun game. Everyone understands that the odds favor the House, but the new ownership has stranglehold those odds so heavily that the occasional win for the player is so far and few between that the idiot owners ruined the fun and eroded any chance of revenue from these players. Only a die-hard player who doesn’t care about losing his money would purchase coins. Also, the fake reviews are hilarious. Extolling and promoting the very things about which people are complaining. Coincidence? Or, a fake review? You decide. If you have enough experience or frustration or both playing either Big Fish Casino or Jackpot Magic City, you’ll figure out that the positive reviews are largely fake.



Love playing? highly recommmend downloading.. hands down the best casino app out there... graphics awesome.. just plain down right fun to play.. additive..what are you waiting for download these app..lol



Great game.

Fun girl

Barefoot and pregnant

Love it



Great fun!

Fun, freebies and friends what's not to like?


Don't listen to negative reviews, there are always sore losers. This is the best Casino app out there. Free coins everyday all day. Join a club to win more. It's the most fun you will ever have on an app!!! Make friends and win!!! Good Luck!!!