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Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino is free iOS app published by Big Fish Games, Inc

Not a lot of bonuses or wins


You can go 20 minutes in one game and 0 bonuses and no large wins!

I Used To Love It!!


I used to love playing this app and would suggest it to my family and friends. But now I will never recommend this app to anyone. Big Fish needs to straighten up their act if they want people to continue using their app. They are hardly payingout wins anymore, the betting heights are way beyond high, and reel rivals is a joke. I have played both the free and paid version of reel rivals and have won but it doesn’t matter you have to be a player within the top 1500 players to receive a portion of coins if at all. Bc they have greatly monetized this app that player like me who don’t have the extra money to spend a ridiculous amount of money on an app for a low payout amount of coins. Don’t waste your time, or money.

Collecting free coins

high sunshine

I can’t collect my free coins anymore, what’s going on?

Big dish


Love the game ,but never lets u win.



Total scam

Best Casino & Customer Service Team

BINGO ugh!

BigFish Casino & JP Magic run Side by Side. I Love Both of Them ❣️ Now…. the Customer Service Team is…………? Welllllll ? one of the Best Casinos Ever. I have been playing BFC & JPM for about 10 Years ?? ikr❣️and I have never played a Casino where the Customer Service Team is as Professional and very understandable. They treat me like a Queen ? Thank You Customer Service ❣️❣️❣️❣️?? Hugs & Kisses for all ❣️



It would be nice to have some bff love asking for help all the time and spending so much love the games but rewards would be nice sometimes jack pots. Sometimes would be nice

Just awful

kim 1245

They really got bad in the wining I win a little bit they make you lose your chips never again put any money on this game no more ????they use to give free gifts for 25 days and now they don’t do it no more they got so very cheap just horrible

Best app most fun

B me too be Sal

I tried so many different games this one by far is so much fun and it does so many different games to play. Plus meeting people who you actually are playing with from all over the world. No you will not win all the time, there is a learning curve so don’t get disappointed right away. Good luck

Could be better


It’s work to keep enough chips to play the next day. I’ve seen looser slots at Vegas