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Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino is free iOS app published by Big Fish Games, Inc

Worse app


This app only wants your money and nothing else. They changed customer service for 24hrs service, but they are NOT providing a valuable customer service experience.

Best casino game

vion lina

Great game



Fun game just seriously make sure you special events work it’s annoying.

no fun


this is a none winning app. buying coins dont last 2minutes.tight slots. all zeros…..

Don’t bother


The game is geared for you to Buy coins! Yeah right! Spend money on a fake gambling game that awards no actual money. No way! The game rarely hit jackpots. Like almost never. Nothing like a game that will once in a life time award you a 600,000,000 pot then in about 3 hrs take it all away. Because that will motivate you to buy their stupid coins?!? Are you guys daft?!

Disappearing Coins


Your coins will decrease in amount right before your very eyes. I’ve had 2 and 3 million in coins and been in the lobby and actually saw my coin amount decrease from over 2 million Dow to 100,000 in a blink. Not even in a slot, just the lobby and the coin amount decreases while you watch. Don’t waste time with this one. The bad review keeps disappearing too. This is the 4th time in 12 hours I’ve left a bad review on them and it keeps disappearing too.

Number one Slot

[email protected]

The best and number one slot between all other slots Game

Fun game and free bonuses


This slot game is so difficult to win , the longer you play,the more you lose, very greedy game



I used to have fun being in a club and all. But no I have my doubts about this game. Cannot win anything anymore. It is not stable right now. It flips out while I am playing and a lot of times may not get a chance to play at all. I use to think it was all to blame the wifi. I think I need to just say. I think I am being stalked on jackpot manic slots.



Well like many others when I first started playing I would have good days and days which is expected. My good days would be great with games getting hot. Now I’m lucky if I get a decent hour before the wins stop. It was right around level 100 when I purchased a coin package that I stopped winning big so I’m not sure if or which one is the reason for that. For example my biggest spin won was144,000,000 I can’t remember the last time I’ve had more than 20,000,000. It’s just not fun anymore when you don’t win big at least once in a while. I have a hard time believing the 4 star rating also.