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Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino is free iOS app published by Big Fish Games, Inc

Loved it until it now


The only way to have fun on this app is if you spend $1,000’s on coins. $1,000’s! Do not even get started. Stay away!

Great game


Love game ..just a VERY unfair game don’t expect to be able to play the higher you get. No more 5 of kind or to let you just play and never buy in you loose even faster



The worst app ever. Do not waste your money. These guys are thieves. I have blocked them for life. You will never ever win, all they want you to do is buy chips and you get crap in return. You have been warned.


Saleh al marri

Bad game really bad company no win no jackpot all the time bad bf bad luck bad game



Worst odds ever. Only win for a little bit after buying coins.

Game is to tight


This game is really not fun anymore. Everyone complains about it being tight and not winning and it’s true. I can’t play as much as I would like because of not being able to win. Not everyone is going to pay money that nobody has right now to play this game. Think about it! Loosen up so we can play and like BF again.

Passes the time


A lot of money spent with very few rewards.

Having fun play an spin it will take the stress of the day off

txcowboy 357

Having fun it’s fun to play I wish level up came faster

Best casino game


Good casino game to kill time