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Jackpot City Slots gives you the chance to WIN BIG! Play live with your friends in the best social casino, with all the thrill of Las Vegas! Sit down, relax, have a drink & some coins – on us. We've got gorgeous slot machines and tons of friendly people to play with for FREE!

Make a fortune with HUGE Jackpots, Free Daily Games, Slots Bonus Games, and more!

Hit Flaming 7's for multiple jackpot levels in Jackpot City, fame and fortune await you in Spotlight Millionaire, follow the yellow brick road for an adventure in Road to Oz!

• Exciting slot machines with FREE SPINS and Bonus Games you won't find anywhere else!
• Everybody wins together in our unique Social Scatter™ Slots Games!
• Compete for coin prizes in Slot Tournaments!
• Daily FREE game and bonuses just for logging in!
• Play LIVE with your friends!
• Customize and strut your stuff with pets and gifts!


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This game is intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.



DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!!! I’ve wasted sooooo much time in this game for years. The most chips I’ve ever had were 2.5 billion and it took it back immediately. I’ve only ever spent $1.99 and that was way too much to give to these scammers. Their customer service is terrible unless you are high enough VIP, if you don’t buy they don’t even answer your emails! The odds are terrible. The only reason people still play this game is for the social aspect. I wish I could give this app negative stars!!!! They don’t care to even try to throw in some wins. It’s just all about making money to them!!! I feel sorry for the people that spend their money on this game! It’s a SCAM!

So so !

Game payout slow

No fun

Not even the real slots are as determined to take your money as much as this app is. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. No Fun!!!

You've Been Warned

Stupidly Spend REAL thousands ??...Their attitude is: We don’t HAVE to comp you ANYTHING or let you WIN anything. Kiss OUR BUTT! Do NOT get entangled in the Big Fish Web... you will discover with time that it's not an ocean at all. It’s a cunning, slobbering devil... trapping you and sucking the life from you slowly. Your health, your money, your mind, and your time. Don’t get caught up in this game. They sent me an email asking for my review of my Vip manager Mike Sage. I let them know that I think he’s unfair. He emailed me personally and berrated me!!! Seriously??! Ok so they have no control over their own people and they can cheat players and run rough shod over them without recourse. Also THEIR player plants/robots are a ALL OVER the game. Just beware and don’t be fooled. You’ll spend THOUSANDS and they don’t give a flying F about how much you lose or win. It’s truly been unbelievable. No one made me spend. True. But WOW how they chew you and spit you out. Stay away. I don’t care WHAT they think of my review. They’ve been so bad to me concerning wins that I don’t care any more. For as much money as I’ve spent you’d think they would want to keep me happy... seriously folks, I’m not a diva or difficult. “Don’t look at what other players hit or have” I am told, after spending thousands and not getting any big hits. Well I’m an idiot for giving so many of my precious dollars to this game, but I’d have to be DEAF DUMB AND BLIND not to see what’s happening around me. Players who I KNOW aren’t spending like I am always have BILLIONS and hit big all the time. And I watch their bets too, so I know what games they’re on and what they are betting and how often they play. The customer should be king, but with this company in control of the machines, and all the $$ they have rolling in from far too many suckers, they don’t HAVE to care. We all need to quit dishing out the bucks!

Been a gamer

I have played this games for a while. The graphics were awesome and they were fun for most slots. As I kept playing, I won a lot in the beginning but as the times go by, it is getting harder and harder to win big money. I won maybe 3 jackpots since I installed the app. Not winning is starting to get less and less fun. I am beginning to think Big Fish is getting stingy. I am starting to feel like quitting this game but I am in a club and I don’t want to abandon my team just yet. Come on, Big Fish! Edit: I got a nice gift from Big Fish, 10,000,000 coins. Thanks! Edit 2: I left this game a year ago (2019) for personal reasons. I came back nearly a month ago. I won a lot of coins but I started to lose coins. I have not win any big coins and have spent lot of money buying coins (Big mistake on my part). However, I noticed the loss of my winnings was AFTER I JOINED A CLUB. Since pandemic started and lot of people are out of jobs, buying coins are SO EXPENSIVE! All games from App Store including this app should give everyone a break from spending money for coins!! Please! Give all gamers a break! Just for a while!

Is it fun

Is it fun losing all your money, is it fun being called a leech regularly, is it fun not being able to get an answer from bf???? Is it fun every payday wishing you just won’t wake up tomorrow??? If that sounds fun then by all means download this app. They are good at luring you in. You beg for your account to be terminated, then end up spending thousands more. Oh and the whole chest thing..... I spend 200$ a week and can’t get close to finish the last lvl. Isis is more friendly than bf, at least they put their victims out of their misery!

New user

I was so happy when I just downloaded this game, I was hitting right and left but since this owners bought this app this games are not fun. I am playing this games for about 5 years and most of the time I cannot hit anything in months, cannot even pass 10 millions. I am talking like 5 or 6 months or If I happen to hit big i won’t hit anything until i loose twice as much or everything. I never reached a billion but there are billionaires everywhere having not one billion but many, they always hitting but you broke and can hit which is even more frustrated. I have played pumpkins so many times and lost zillions of chips hardly hitting any pumpkins but everyone at the table is hitting, if I happened to hit, the pot would be very low. The adds are here 10,000 to 1 which does not make sense. Sad. I love this games but they make me so mad because is impossible to go up especially when you see those billionaires always lucky. When my luck changes I will come back and give a better review until than it is only one star. I never hit a big jp even I have played max on some games, I am taking about once that you hit at least one billion. That will never happen, if you hit a jp it would be always the small ones. I don’t understand why it is impossible to hit them. I have seen all those billionaires with screenshots of their big hits, why not me. I think if they give more big hits, people would buy more.


I don’t have any fun anymore, so i only check in a few times a week now. It’s too bad because the actual slots are cool. Club members are rude when your broke. Players at tables are mean and call you a squatter even though you just spent $100, lost it all, and are trying to recoup something. Please enjoy the game without purchasing anything. I have lost hundreds which i can’t even afford in the first place.

Absolutely Fold’em!!
piece of $&@?

Sometimes You Gotta Know When To Hold’em & Know When To Fold’em!! Absolutely Fold’em! Cause You’ll Never Win On Here!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

I love this game :)
pink banana lasagna

This is the best

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