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Horizon Chase is free iOS app published by Aquiris Game Studio S.A.


Hunter Productions

Love this game. Was My first App for my IPad Pro (2021 NEED MORE LEVELS)

It’s pretty fun


The game is fun, I recommend the Dodge Viper, hella nice car.

Horizon chase user

professional grader of games

I love the game, but think that it should be free for all the levels. But still a good game 5 stars.

Just a short message...

Suzy saurus

Can you bring back the Chinese New Year race back with the Golden Cruiser car, please? Thank you.

Philippe Dure

all de his vshshxhxhd

PHD one

Use to be fun


Crash too much, can’t catch up 1st place. Crashes into a pole or something, car spins and other car crash into you they don’t slow down. Unrealistic



The problem with this is that the first part doesn’t show.

Best game

apple 938282

The best game