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Horizon Chase is free iOS app published by Aquiris Game Studio S.A.

Apple TV Update?


Still playing version 1.5.5 on Apple TV... No Hawaii cup, no Porto Alegre. Any plans for updating it? The game experience on TV with a controller is much better. It deserves an Apple TV update!

Hate it????????


It is a bad game beacause you start in the back

No sound or music buf

Power User Guy

Works but there is no sound or music no matter what I try! Bugs! On iPhone 11 pro



You can never turn every turn there is you’ll hit a sign and the ai hits you out of nowhere. And when in first the car behind you will spawn in front of you

Bruh it’s ok


It’s ok

Sorta repetitive

[email protected]

This game is very fun, but starts to feel repetitive after a while. It’s just turn, don’t get hit, boost if it’s a straight, turn, don’t get hit, boost if it’s a straight. Repeat that about 10 times. The maps could use a bit more background and elements, and that would make this game truly amazing.

Won’t load


Can anyone get this game to load this is my second time downloading it after 2-3 weeks from the previous time and I still can’t load in....

Fantastic racer app


Love the app but i just bought it two days ago and will have it completed by the end of the week! Please add the rest of the in-game features soon. I want to play all of the things marked coming soon such as campaigns and challenges. I only have a few cars left to unlock, please hurry. Thanks!

Really bad game

XaRa mohammed

Why always 20TH !?

Won’t load

RN ped

Belt buckle clicking then goes black screen. Removing game