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Horizon Chase is free iOS app published by Aquiris Game Studio S.A.

Did Not Get What I Paid For

Kaitlin trouble

I got an iTunes Card for my b-day a few months ago and I am really reluctant to spend it because I don't want to waste it. I loved this game so I paid 2.99 and it said it had over 70 levels, I thought I was paying for those 70 levels and thought it was a good deal, but then They only gave me one level for 2.99.?


Kitty Golore!

I love this game a lot! It's one of my favorite apps to play. But, with the new update where there is a "trial" you can play this game for a bit for free. They said that it would not affect the people who bought the game before that new update. So I bought the game before the update but when I signed in my info to let them know I bought it before, it said I didn't buy the game! I think I just typed my password wrong but they don't allow you to type it in again if there was a mistake. WHAT??? So I had to buy it again ? thanks a lot Horizon Chase....

Multyplayer please !!!

Nobile 6

This is a great game and I love it I just ask that you could add a multyplayer Mode this would make a great game into a perfect game please make this happen !!!

What am I missing?


Paid $2.99 for the full game, yet, it only unlocked the bonus round and the other California stages. Shouldn't I be able to play whatever stage I want? Could not get into other stages after I completed the Cali rounds. You might want to consider this before letting go of your hard earned dollar.

Total Scam


Don’t buy this app. When you beat the free demo it asks if you wan’t to pay for the full game for 3 dollars. But when you do that it says that you have bought the game but after one race it says that you haven’t and tells you to buy the full version again. There i just wasted 3 bucks. WORST APP EVER!!!



This is a fun game. I bought the full version and it's worth every penny. HOWEVER, I bought this game because of my enthusiasm towards the Delorean but apparently you can't unlock it. I beat the game and got gold on all races and I still have 2 locked cars. One being the Delorean. Why show the car when you aren't making it playable?

Best racer on IOS


This is definitely the best racing game in the App Store. The game has easy controls, great environments, and good-looking graphics with an old-fashioned retro feel. There are also lots of cars and tracks to play. My principal complaint is that after a while, all the stages feel a bit similar, like turn left turn right do it again on another stage and so on. For people complaining that the game isn't really free, they should better READ THE DESCRIPTION, feel glad they actually got a demo, and stop acting as if the entire thing was a ploy to grab their money. They should stop acting like spoiled brats entitled to have every game free.

Why the price isn't listed.


I've noticed some people have gotten to complaining about how in game they don't state the amount the full game costs. There's a simple solution: just scroll down on the App Store page and choose "in-app purchases" it says there, plain as day how much it costs. Don't give a bad review for something for trivial.

I want multiplayer


This is a awesome game, and I beat it 100%, but I want to keep playing it. Please add some new features to this game like multiplayer :D

Very good game


The long unskipable company intro is annoying