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4/5 rating based on 387 reviews. Read all reviews for Horizon Chase for iPhone.
Horizon Chase is free iOS app published by Aquiris Game Studio S.A.

Poor game design


The game mechanics is very bad. Paid that you can try for free is a very poor game design for a potencialy great game like horizon chase. All the rest of the game is perfect: sound, graphics, gameplay. But the game design mechanics are really bad and turns the overall playing a not good experience.

How to be the master of horizon chase?


If you can complete the full game by getting 100% in every country you will be the master of horizon chase.

Fix this !!


On Apple TV it’s impossible to access the Hawaii tour, there’s just no turn after Australia even though it told me I unlocked it but I can’t go there I’ve tried on my iPhone and it works fine but on Apple TV it NEVER WORKS !! Fix this please this is way unfair !!

Appletv won’t let me get to Hawaii


Every time I open the game it says I unlocked Hawaii, however I can’t get to it on my appletv. I can get to it on my phone, but I hate gaming on my phone. I’ve tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but nothing. Any advice?! Thanks. Keep it up. Could use an update of maps and features :)

Love it! One thing need adjustment


Overall very wonderful to fun game! For Ahola Package game for PS4 maybe you can add more options different couple Driver like male driver and female sit, male driver and male sit, female driver and female sit, or single male driver and female driver in Ferrari F50 So far I love it this game!

Was Retro fun while it lasted...

Limey 1313

Had to delete game for other upgrades on my iPhone, now I try to play the game once downloading it again— and get a black screen after the belt buckle animation is done.

Do not buy for Apple TV


I bought the game the month it was launched. Great game, especially if you like Outrun and other simple classic racers. Unfortunately on the Apple TV even if you paid for the full game, it will not unlock the full game and you are always stuck on Demo mode. This has been an issue since 2016 and as of my writing this review is still a problem. I had to lower my rating because of it, otherwise I would give it 5 stars.

Worst game ever created.


I loved the game at first for 11 years but it got glitchy and I hated the game so I discovered other games

Stopped working...


I bought this game and worked 3 days normally today it shows connection symbols trying to connect and at the end shows broken connection sign. Interenet is ok but game not working anymore. Reuqested refund.

They Broke the Restore Button


I had already bought the game. Now it needs to be restored but the button doesn’t work. Please fix it.