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Horizon Chase is free iOS app published by Aquiris Game Studio S.A.



Great game!!!



I’m still playing a mid 2015 version of the game because I had auto updates off there is no online no anything special anything just 23 cars a lot of races and some fun

Pretty much a Perfect Game!


I’ve not played this game for a day or two, but I have to say, I keep coming back to it! This game strikes the perfect balance between fun and difficult and makes you feel rewarded when you’re able to finish a race in first.



Love the game so much. Please make it an apple games remaster. Or a sequel. We want more!

Doesn’t seem to work with controllers

mr. sensible

There seems to be a new issue with Xbox one controllers, in that the car won’t accelerate past a certain speed using controller input. The game is therefore unplayable with controller support which significantly detracts from overall enjoyability. Frankly I’m quite disappointed that the developers have let this issue languish unresolved. 3 stars.

This need serous work


This game has the worst programmed ai I have ever seen, thing gta ai but worse. They purposely get in your way and when you hit the back of their cars you go from 140 to 70 in one second, and they purposely try to run you off the road. There needs to be a shortcut to uninstall the game



Is it possible for you to add a Mario Andretti Carrer too

Great Arcade Racing Game!


Give it a try!



Best arcade racer in the App Store, hands down. Lots of fun, with added content since I played a couple years ago. Plenty of options, dozens of circuits, and extensive replay value. A+++.

Love it but can u add truck race bundle and make it cost 1.99 plz

Liam Edralinda

Plz add truck racing gamemode cost 1.99 plz and truck race bundle plz more car plz