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Horizon Chase is free iOS app published by Aquiris Game Studio S.A.

Remove Bug Issues Within the Game


Hey Horizon Chase team, This game is just too awesome. Never seen a game as fluid, engaging, exciting and addictive as this one. Keep it up. Its so cool!! Please include more features to upgrade the various car parts. There is, however one problem. When I get to the Salvador track in Brazil and I reach position 1 - 3 in each of the 3 races, I am prompted to upgrade my fleet of cars. But when I select the upgrade of my choice, the game freezes and doesn’t allow me to apply or confirm the selection of my chosen upgrade. It’s as if there’s a bug in the game. The same also happens when I go to Cape Town in South Africa. After finishing the game in the required position, the game also prompts me to upgrade my fleet but doesn’t apply that upgrade to my cars. Please fix this problem. I would have given the game 5 stars but I will reserve it for when the game is fixed and the bug removed. I do hope you will look into this issue. Thanks.



Engaging and fun to play. It would be cool to see a road blasters style campaign with weapons.

Game is crashing


The game is crashing on startup after update please correct the problem Thank

업데이트후 크래시


실행하면 튕김 이게뭐임? 재설치해도 튕김

Hey just now I can’t play it kicks me out


Dude right after this update now it kicks me out dude plz fix it

Great game but now broken


Last update causes game to crash at the seat buckle sign on iPhone X. Now unplayable. Please update!

Don’t update right now, game crashes

Dre JA

Game crashes after update

Broken Again (and now AGAIN!)


Another patch, another broken game. Last time it took 2 patches to fix and I lost all my progress. This patch (18) crashes the game immediately after the "clicking seatbelts" animation at launch. This game could be so good but the development team is apparently not able to write and test robust code. I wish I could get my money back on this dog. The latest patch (17.0.1) has broken my (previously purchased) game. It has a button to restore previous purchase but it doesn't seem to do anything and the game won't let me access any of the unlocked tracks. I have tried to use the contact page but it is in Spanish.

Worked perfectly for a month


O love this game, but it worked perfectly for a month and now it crashes every time that I try to open it.. how come?