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Horizon Chase is free iOS app published by Aquiris Game Studio S.A.

Weekly challenges are suspect


Within the weekly challenges it’s rather annoying to have vehicles on the road who can accelerate and drive faster than you despite owning the fastest car possible. Not looking for realism, but don’t throttle back your user’s vehicles to a point where it’s no longer fun. Certain track designers are way more guilty of this than others. I also purchased the game. Please don’t inundate me with ads.

Great racing game that is not too easy


I don’t write many reviews but I’m looking at the people complaining about the fact that you crash or you start in the back and I just felt the need to say how much I like this game. Is it perfect? No. But I am glad it is not too easy even though some tracks are frustrating, you just have to choose the right car for the course and you can take 1st place on every track. There are a few annoying little glitches in the interface but not during the races that I am seeing at all and I have been playing for at least a couple years. I would like to see more new tracks and a better way to customize the different rides because there are some cars that are never a good choice.

Súper Cool


This game remind me of Top Gear !!!!!! My Favorite

My thoughts

trump train 45

This game is really fun very addicting an I can’t seem to put it down but wish that this game had interior view an steering wheel Instead of the arrow keys to drive but just those to thing but all an all it is the best game Ive played




So fun


Very fun a lot of maps


Vacation yes

Joto game mucho malo ???

⚡️best racing game ever played⚡️


Horizon Chase is one of my best of the best racing game on the app store i started playing this game on my first ipod touch and to be honest with you my first taste was like a flashback to 80s & 90s that’s why it’s my favorite game ever with a lot of memories. big shoutout to all the team who spends their time just to makes us happier one love and big respect ✊?

The Best


This is my top favorite app! I play on Switch a lot too!