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Horizon Chase is free iOS app published by Aquiris Game Studio S.A.

No support for iPad pro 11"


UPDATE** The game was updated to show fullscreen on my iPad. Latest update also gave it a much nicer appearance overall. I've bought this game for Android, switch, and Apple. Great developers. Kind of wish it could sync the data between all platforms. ORIGINAL REVIEW* I love this game. I purchased it on Android and was about to purchase it for my iPad as well. But there are black bars on either side of the iPad screen. If it gets updated with proper support I will definitely purchase it.

Excited for the future


The new menu promises lots of new stuff to come!

Good times


Was looking for a decent arcade racer recently (on Steam) and found Horizon Chase Turbo. Was thrilled to find out this existed on iOS. Fun game and works with MFI controllers (Gamevice in my case).

New update crashing

Bruce Vayne

Since yesterday’s update the app won’t run on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. What gives? Edit: thanks for the quick fix!

Best game ever


Need for speed horizon chase

Latest Version Crashes Upon Load - Now Fixed


Great game. Fun to play. Latest update has caused the app to crash upon load. Removed and reinstalled the app. Same problem. Dev's lets fix this and do some better testing before releasing new updates. iOS 13.4.1. iPhone 8 Plus. Update: 4/29/2020 release fixed the crash. Nice turnaround! Thanks for resolving this issue quickly.

Control problem


“Auto Accelerate” is not engage at the beginning of each game.

great game


I played this for fun because I used to many years ago and then I was hooked again. I made it to Brazil in one day I was addicted,but I don’t understand what it means by full game when you get it doesn’t make a difference it already gives you full game from start right?

Excellent Arcade Racing


Have enjoyed this racer for a while. Great fun. Looking forward to 2020 updates!

Full Game Unlock Doesn’t Work


Great game, BUT the in app full game purchase doesn’t work. I have the exact same amount of cars & tracks before I bought it via in app purchase. I’m asking Apple for a refund. I don’t like posting this to a review, but there isn’t a good method to get in contact with developer...