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Astrill VPN Client is free iOS app published by Astrill Systems Corporation



VPN 5 stars. Works incredibly from here in Middle Kingdom (China). App 3 stars. Isn’t it possible to add stealth or other vpn add-ons? Maybe I’m wrong and the simplicity of the app is what makes the vpn work so great. But it seems a tad light on features. Would love to hear feedback. Willing to change my rating. Keep up the good work.

Please do something to make it work again


Last year it’s been working perfectly, but now it’s only waist of time. I’m switching from one location to another hopelessly trying to connect to any country but it’s just doesn’t work. And if I’m lucky (1 out of 20 times) the connection stays only for 1 to 3 minuets and then I have to repeat everything again. Please do something to make it work!

Do not get astrill


I have been a customer for 3 years. The first year the service was excellent. The second year it started to get patchy. In the third year it is an absolute disgrace and a waste of money. It is extremely unreliable and disconnects very frequently. In the first two years I would have recommended this product. But it is very clear that it is a product that is going downhill. The prices go up every year and the quality and consistency of the service noticeably continues to decline. I suggest expressVPN or any of the leading competitors.

Bad connection


I used astrill vpn for several days, but I wasn’t happy to use it. Connection was frequently broken. Couldn’t use it well. I’m not feeling to use it on mobile.

Used to be the best but not so much anymore


Astrill use to be my favorite VPN. Whether I was in China or any other country, I had he protection I paid for and access to the websites I wanted. But over the last few months, after years of defending their buggy updates and ios problems, I have finally has enough. Their product is subpar and their customer service is the worst!

Doesn’t work smoothly on iOS11, constantly drop off line.


It works pretty good on Mac PC and Android, but on iOS it keep disconnecting from server every 2 or 3 minutes. Tried with 6s 8 and X, all have the same problem.

Is not working


Don’t Pat for this VPN DONT works in China, you pay for a service that never works; even others free are more useful Thant this; I tried almost all IP address.... is very bad service

Old customer


I'm completely satisfied with Astrill..I'm customers from 2014 into now..this app help me to build my own projects In the past i tried many apps but when I used astrill found them the appropriate and it's developers was great I recommend them

Must not be Gz’s best


Astrill worked great when I was in Beijing, but on my new iPhone 8 here in Guangzhou, it’s disappointing. The app struggles to stay connected, it is spotty with 4G usage, I have to turn it off to use certain Chinese sites, it causes other functions on my phone to freeze, etc.



Tried plenty others, this is the one that always works, been using it for over 5 years in China. Yes it has problems but they always fix it really quickly, never gone over 24 hours. I use it both on my laptop as well as my iPhone.