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Astrill VPN Client is free iOS app published by Astrill Systems Corporation

No updates? No fixing?


The vpn works in China though, sometimes it loses connection and choke my phone. It causes my WiFi cannot connect internet and I have to check the app for couple times. For iPhone X the app does not fit for the full screen. Need to fix these issues.

Best VPN for China but needs an App white list


For the ease of use, server speed and overall experience this is hands down the best VPN for China. All VPNs will fail at some point if you are using it in China. It will happen to Astrill too. But the thing is Astrill will tell you what is going on through a message, and COME BACK alive! But I do think the iOS app needs a app control system. Sort of like a upgraded version of the smart mode: only certain apps like Gmail, Twitter and Instagram go through Astrill. Then this really will be the best VPN. Come on Astrill you haven’t updated the iOS app in a year! Do this for us! And I wouldn’t mind if Astrill gives me lifetime membership for this very strong review!

Disconnects randomly on iPhone X / iOS 11


Looks like this is an iPhone X-only issue as Astrill still works great on all my other iDevices regardless of iOS versions. The auto-reconnect function doesn’t seem to work upon a broken connection (expect for the very rare occasions when the network happens to switch between 4G and Wi-Fi, which might trigger a reconnect).

very stable


After 3 years of use, I think the Astrill is very stable in China, but you have to run a speedtest before use.

Works great in China


I have used Astrill for 3 years and it has been working great.

No update since more than one year


No update, no iPhone X support yet. In China, Astrill works, but not really properly. It could be difficult to connect, or the connection goes suddenly off after a few minutes, usually after switching apps.



Using it for YEARS, always works!

Easy to use, but often doesn’t work


Compared to the Android version, this version is quite bad. Even though the interface is simple and only requires the tap of a button, the vpn often doesn’t work. I tap the off button to turn it on, and it just slides back to off. I have confirmed the problem isn’t in my internet connection, and is certainly a bug in the Astrill app

The app works very well

Run Bigdawg Run

The Astrill VPN app works great in China. It's a constant battle with the Great Firewall to get reliable and fast connections outside the country and Astrill has performed well for me. No VPN will work flawlessly 24/7 but the Astrill VPN app comes close. Realize many reviews here are for things other than the app as Astrill sells a router based VPN service that you program into your router (which works well for my Xbox and Amazon Prime Video). They also sell a personal wifi router with their VPN service built in (this one doesn't work so well in China). So read the reviews carefully before deciding.

Not so good

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Application not so good , very old , some times doesn't work , company didn't apologize never about that !