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Astrill VPN Client is free iOS app published by Astrill Systems Corporation



Poor product and poor customer service. Very disappointed.

Paid for a year for 5 devices --- none of them work! SINCE FEBRUARY 2016


Where to start..... Since early February this VPN doesn't work neither on computer nor mobile devices. Paid for a year plan for 5 devices! They kept saying "we are sorry for the inconvenience. We are working on it", for almost HALF A YEAR????? I've been unable to work as I need VPN to do most of my tasks online.They don't mention reimbursement either. THEY ARE THIEVES! THEY WON'T REFUND MONEY FOR A SERVICE PAID THAT HASN'T BEEN DELIVERED!!!!

Don't waste time


Will not work on any of your iOS devices. Don't waste your time.



This app needs to be fixed immediately!!! It drops very frequently!!!



The last version was working great for me, but with this update, it connects to a server, and immediately drops the server. It takes 5 or 6 frustrating tries to finally make a connection that then only lasts a few minutes.

Mobile Issues


Works fine for computers, does not and will not work for mobile at all. If you're a heavy mobile user trying to work around the Chinese firewall, don't bother.

Server connection

Awesome Rio

Paid for 6 months but only could use for 2 due to repeating blockage or connection problems. Even free VPN providers work better.

China Crap


Astrill needs to get its [email protected] together with China! It is the only VPN that seems to go out when every there is a parade or a meeting of some sort! It to expensive to pay for this when it stops working for WEEKS at a time! Fix this [email protected]!

Something missed?


Where are the smart mode and port option??

Doesn't work

S Kin

infinite loop while installing profile. installing webpage keep bouncing back to app which prompts again to install profile.