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Astrill VPN Client is free iOS app published by Astrill Systems Corporation

Please fix crash on iPhone. Was working on my iPhone, but has stopped


I love this app and it seems to work fine on my iPad and my computer, but it keeps freezing on my iPhone. It's spends and spends and I can't even log out or close it. I have not been able to use it for several days on my iPhone. Same thing on my husband's android. I see the app hasn't been updated in a year. Please fix!

Usually works

John E Ringo

Very few problems

Just delete app and reinstall


My app was not working at all so deleted it and reinstalled it. Now it works. Inconvenient but not life altering. Hope this helps others. Update: I had to reinstall when I got a new phone but it wouldn't connect. After messaging their support, they gave me directions to fix the problem. It worked. Problem solved.

Really bad VPN

VPN for China

I purchased this VPN mainly for China use and it is almost worthless and sometimes worse than worthless since it prevents me from connecting to internet altogether. More than half the time if you have VPN on, my system will not connect to internet at all. I have to turn it off to connect to internet which is extremely inconvenient. I needed it for Gmail and it only works 50% of the time even after restarting multiple times to connect to internet.

Been using Astrill for 3 years

Chinese Chivel

And it's been always smoothly working well for me, a ppl in China.

Thank you!!


For years I have been using astrill to connect with the world outside pf China. Thank you for your help!

Oh how I miss Express VPN!


I've only had this app for a few days and I have been regretting not going back to Express. Setting things is technically challenging (I had to get a computer engineer friend to help me set things up on my router), customer service is lackluster and they have no recourse if you want your refund. I wish Apple would pull this wretched app from their store!

After iOS 11


After iOS 11, Astril can’t connect to the WiFi and starts to use the 4G data.

Doesn't Work


On PC it works, iOS Apps do t work.

no good


yeah, good, works great in china huh? but i installed the app, created a login and says subscription expired. then tap on extend and never goes further... how can i use it?