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Astrill VPN Client is free iOS app published by Astrill Systems Corporation

Hasn't worked in months


Started using Astrill last year. Worked fine for a few months, but for the last three months it won't even load...the app crashes immediately on load on both iPad and iPhone. Ironically, their desktop client works very well (which renders their "meetings in Beijing" excuse as garbage - and how do these meetings specifically only affect iOS devices, hmm?). Support has been abysmal; they've promised for months that the new release is around the corner and tell me to try the same things I have already told them do not work. Personal favorite - I request an update on a ticket that specifically states "cannot open iOS app." Support responds with "try a different server and let us know how it goes." How can I try a different server if I cannot even open the app?! Waste of time and money for anyone who needs mobile device VPN access.

Can't work for half a year in China

Ws seven 7

Please fix it

Totally unreliable AVOID IT


I wasted $60 on Astrill service only to be scammed by this company. They might as well be operating from Nigeria because it's like a 419 scam. Customer service has zero training and the vpn just doesn't work and the few times it did connect it only lasts a few minutes. A waste of my $60 and time.

Regularly stops working


When it works it is great, but most often the app works for a few days and then inevitably dies — at which point a reinstall is necessary.

Not working in China

Tony Lai

You guys said would fix the issue with connectivity in China with an update, but it never came. Please update this app so we could use it as well as on desktop pc.

A pain to use and doesn't work 95% of the time


You only get a choice of 2 servers that don't connect 95% of the time. And even when it does, it will disconnect almost immediately, being a pain to use. Do not recommend.

Just doesn't work


There should be an option for zero star. Simply doesn't work. Now has only two available servers to connect from. TWO!!!!! And neither of them works.

Avoid at all cost on iPad and iPhone

World Builder

It just doesn't work. It's functions were fine 8 months ago but now it's broken. Literally doesn't work at all. I regret paying for a whole year for this incompetent service. It feels like as if the company is waiting to slowly die off as it gets worse and worse.

Astrill is finished!


I have been using Astrill for 5 years in China. It worked well up until this year Jan. I have written numerous customer service emails and get no workable solutions. I asked for my money back and no one wants to discuss it. I will not be using Astrill again after my membership runs out and do not recommend it to anyone.



Works great, been using for past couple of months !!