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Astrill VPN Client is free iOS app published by Astrill Systems Corporation



Not working. Refund!!!!!!!



The last few months I can not log in on my iPhone. I spoke to customer service and they keep asking same questions and not resolving the problems their service and customer reps are seriously going down hill



pay for half year,even didn't work on iPhone a day!

Don't waste money and time

AAG original

If you're looking for a VPN in China, this is not for you. It simply doesn't work, Astrill won't give you service of any kind, nor a refund, not even an apology. I renewed my service for a year in January 2016, the VPN hasn't worked since February... a complete scam and cannot even get my money back. Fraudulent company, beware.

Just delete app and reinstall


My app was not working at all so deleted it and reinstalled it. Now it works. Inconvenient but not life altering. Hope this helps others.




Not working !

ES335 Dot

I paid my subscription to Astrill. Their help desk is hopeless. Netflix and the rest of them have outsmarted Astrill and they just can't admit It ! I am trying to get a refund even though I know this is hopeless.... Like their customer service.

hasn't worked for months


Bought this in March and it worked great for a week. Then it stopped working. If I turn it on the VPN icon will appear but it's like a paper tiger. Can't search on google or anything else. A waste of money. Do not buy.

Worst VPN App and Customer Servive


Purchased this app for 6 months in China. Service Keeps getting disconnected or you cannot connect at all. Customer service robotic reply always goes "connect to a different server -> reset your network -> sorry we will release a new version soon, but there's no ETA". I've spent lots of time in emailing with customer service, but no use at all. This is the worst VPN app ever. If I could, I would rate negative stars.

Does not work


Previously not working so left 1 star, now working giving it a better score.