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Astrill VPN Client is free iOS app published by Astrill Systems Corporation

Waste of Money!


If you are not a tech savvy computer genius, don't even think about trying. My VPN never worked on my phone and computer and I asked for refund. They told me to download this and that, try this and that, back and forth with email exchanges and it didn't work. In the end they still refused to return the rest of the months I haven't used. In case of strict censorship (i.e. Big international events in China like G20 or APEC), you can't connect to any VPN location from Astrill, this is proven from all the expats around me. So, try other VPNs (Express VPN, VPN Master etc), cheaper, more stable, faster, and definitely won't waste your time.

VPN not working in China


Astrill's my favorite VPN ⭐️ But it's stopped working. Needs a quick update, Pleeeease!!

Horrible customer service


In China the VPN did not work for 4 months in 2016. They asked for customers to be patient and they will compensate appropriately. Once the VPN started working, I emailed for weeks about the refund/extension. Their resolution was a 2wk extension. So we paid for a 12 month service that only worked for 7-8...and resolution was a 2 week extension? Horrible

They just steal ur money

Juanes and Tarkan :)

I live in China and after 1 month that l just bought the VPN, due to China s restrictions l couldn't use it for at least 2 months then l gave up and didn't use it. Later l heard from friends it works fine and l started to use it again. I asked for compensation for the months that l wasn't able to use it, they gave me 15 days compensation. Unbelievable! Do not buy it! Horrible!

Works as well as can be expected


I've used it for years and it's the only choice in PRC except ExpressVPN. But guys you really need to add long/hard press on the icon in the regular menu to have option to turn on and off without having to open the app. Many apps have this like WeChat, I can long press then some options come up like directly to payment qr code. So let me turn it on and off via that long press, because one really needs to turn it on and off all day long depending on which apps we need to use. Thx.

Drains battery


When the app is open (app, not vpn) it will drain you battery in a matter of minutes. It is consistently using most of my battery if I don't force quit.


Hh hh I

I have been using this app for 5 years mostly because everyone else here uses it. It stops working for months at a time. Their customer service is nonexistent. All they do is give u links to YouTube videos.

Works great most of the time


And sometimes it doesn't. Luckily most of the time it works great.

useful in China


while the app does occasionally malfunction, it works pretty well. i recommend it to friends in China.

Highly recommended


Many thanks for the developer really it's very nice application