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Astrill VPN Client is free iOS app published by Astrill Systems Corporation

Completely unreliable, worthless app


Several issues: they do not support VIP customers or stealth mode, you are limited to one server (Fremont), support suggests things that do not exist and are not helpful, oh and it simply doesn't work. When you switch it on, it turns itself off after five seconds. Every now and then it stays on, but doesn't work with wifi. Do NOT waste your money with Astrill. They might've been decent years ago, but now it is utterly useless.

Hasn't worked for me in months


I paid for a year and it has been absolutely non functional for months. When you contact the company they ask you to upgrade to a more expensive package that many people tell me also doesn't work. They are criminals for not refunding our money. Run away. Betternet is free and works 1000% better than this garbage

Zero stars!


Doesn't work on my iPhone during my visit to China. What a huge disappointment.

Do not use in China


I used to like this VPN but now it is a bad choice to use if you live in China. I think there are enough reviews in here to back up this review

Not for China on a mobile device


This app worked up until March 2016. Since then Astrill has posted that they are working on getting it back to functioning. In the past this has taken a day or two. It is now over 2 months and still no solution. Very frustrating. I will say Astrill works on laptops so this is confusing why they can't get it to work on mobile phones.

Astill gives up on China?


It has benn months since Astrill has worked with an Iphone in China. It appears thy have given up trying to make their product work there on an Iphone. A reall shame becasue early in the year, Astrill had the best VPN I have experienced in China.

Also paid for 1 year and does not work


The app has not worked for months. The company's policy is not to offer refunds after the 7 day trial so basically you are taking a gamble with your money. The support sends what seems like the same generic responses via email over and over even when you inform them that what they suggest does not solve the problems which makes me believe that they are just stalling for time. Even if it's not legally theft by some loophole then morally it's wrong. They are well aware of this ongoing problem and still have not changed their policy regarding it. I'm looking for another vpn asap.

Hasn't worked in months.


Seriously A$trill, eat all of the dicks.

Poor designed app, poor customer service. Trash


I've been using their service for 4 years. Their service is going down hill like nothing can save them. The customer service is very unprofessional, when you tell them a problem, they never say sorry about it, they just response with cold and stupid answer. Now I can't connect to any server on my phone app, the dd wrt plugin doesn't work, so I contacted the customer service. And of course no help. So I decided to get my refund and they play this game with me. This is America! We have laws to protect our rights as customers! I'd never use them again!!!! Please find other companies if you really want hassle free service. And I'm using this in the United States! Crap!

doesn't work in China. Do not buy!

Jon Jon lk

Been a user of Astrill for 2.5 years. Still subscribed to their yearly program. I am posting because it has been 4 months we've been unable to connect through multiple iphones in China for more than 5-10 seconds. The pc version works but do not waste money on the phone app. It doesnt connect. Search for better free ones