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Year Walk is paid iOS app published by Simogo AB

Phenomenal experience


I liken the experience of playing this game, while understanding the storyline, to the book House Of Leaves. It’s a story and feeling you’ll not soon forget. Giving this app 4 stars because it is incomplete. I did not know about the companion app for quite some time after playing this game. I know it’s in the description, but many don’t read the description if they have a friend recommend the game, as I did. It would have been better to include the companion app content as an “appendix”, included with this game. That would ensure everyone would get the context and further storyline of the game.

Great game I hate playing


It’s all work and no fun and scary and dumb ... that’s how I feel about it

A good challenge to an extent

Mariah JK

It was a beautiful game, but really hard. I had to look up a few of the steps otherwise I never would have finished it. The story seemed really cool, but I honestly got really confused at times. Read the wiki afterwards and it was dark.

Creepy folktale goodness


It took a bit of getting used to, and I had to check a walk through a couple times. If you like Device 6, Frostrune, and the Fear myths, you will like this game.



Make more games like Year Walk and Device Six!!!!!!

Great game


Unique in a great way...the companion app draws you in even further (on a realistic level) that adds an extra creepiness to the started to freak me out reading more and more of the diary...and the game is well polished with a perfect choice in art direction and graphical style for this kind of story. Extremely early innovative game on iOS. PS. Please developers update game for iOS 10 per Apple request so game will continue to work on future iOS generations



Not compatible with iPhone updates. Message from apple says creators needs to update! RIPOFF.. REFUND PLEASE

One of the best games I've ever played


Perfectly combining deep lore with simple art design and amazing puzzles, Year Walk is a game I shan't soon forget.

Outstanding work of art


This "game" can be better described as an interactive work of art. It's tricky, yet doable puzzles, beautiful gloomy music, intriguing story/history, and easy-on-the-eyes, yet stunning artwork make this a journey for the player that truly takes you to another world.

Please update to 64bit


Great game but won't work with IOS 11 coming out this fall without an update to 64bit. Star rating will go back up once updated.