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Year Walk is paid iOS app published by Simogo AB

Is 3 or 4 hours worth 4 bucks?

Z Rhett

I blazed through this amazing game without a guide or walkthrough- I really wish it was longer. I’m super bummed that I finished so quickly. I want more content! Plus- I’m seeing there’s mechanics in other versions of the game that I can’t use on the mobile version, like a MAP- which would have been helpful. Plus there’s hints on the map to how to open that BOX- which I’ll probably never figure out cause I’m on iOS- actually, you can. The companion guide to the game in a separate app. Wow. That story is GRIPPING. Incredible! I’m giving this one five stars, it’s well done. Extremely well done- even for how short it is.



I really wanted to love this game. It really is lovely. Sadly the intentional shaky quality to the graphics gives me motion sickness & I have been unable to play for longer than a minute or two. Wish I could return it as it makes me nauseous.

Beautiful and terrifying

Lightning bugs

That’s some Grade A nightmare fuel there. My only complaint is the post-game, which tries to turn this into a House of Leaves narrative post ipso facto. It was definitely an essential post-game, but I wish it had been a bit more refined.

Cool but too short


You must download the campaign app or this is not worth it. The game went by too fast for the cost of the game. Very pretty game but I finished within an hour. Worth a play for the artwork. If you liked this game play the Rusty Lake series. Each game is longer and connected to one another. Rusty Lake is a slightly more disturbing version of this game, but significantly better.



I had high hopes for this game, i love the Rusty Lake games and it seemed to be a similar feel, but that’s all it has going for it. Cool graphics and creepiness, but overall a dull game that ends way too quickly. 3 stars if free, 2 stars since you have to pay

Wonderful horror game


I honestly loved this game. The puzzles are challenging and the story is very intriguing. I will say that it is important for someone playing this to get the companion. Besides having information about the research that went into the game, it is essential to unlocking the alternate ending.

can’t recommend


there’s a difference between being challenging yet engaging and rewarding and being completely obtuse and impenetrable. year walk’s puzzles are the latter. there’s also a difference between creating a creepy, haunting atmosphere and having jumpscares every time the player makes any progress. again, year walk is the latter. it would be cynical to say the obnoxious difficulty is to stretch the game’s length out to justify asking for 4 dollars, but unfortunately that seems to be pretty accurate. the companion is a nice idea but the lore it provides is pretty categorically not helpful. the art and sound design are nice. if you want good puzzles and/or creepy atmosphere i’d recommend something out of the cube escape series (many of which are FREE) or even this same company’s title DEVICE 6, which is superb. year walk, however, is just too unintuitive and poorly executed to recommend.

Zero help


I appreciate a challenging puzzle, but there’s absolutely zero help in this game. It’s also not friendly to people who are hard of hearing or who have ringing in their ears like I do. I can’t get past the dark woods. I’m assuming that you have to choose the path with appropriate scale tone, but it’s very frustrating for people with damaged hearing. Otherwise I absolutely loved the content and the graphics. Problem is that when you get stuck, you’re 100% totally done with the game. So I guess I’m done about 10 minutes in.

Revised review.

AJ ski

Originally I was a little harsh. I thought it was a bit slow to start. Perhaps a little baiting in with interactiveness early on would have helped. However, if you stick with it, it does get a bit more intriguing. I think a Sequel with a bit more substance would be right on time. Keep it coming. Thanks!