Year Walk Reviews

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Year Walk is paid iOS app published by Simogo AB



You can pass on this one. Too demonic. Device 6 is so much better

No volume

iphone 4 user X

Volume disappeared and can’t fix it. Tried reinstalling. iPhone 11 with latest iOS and everything else on my phone works perfect. Looks nice too bad I can’t finish it.

No sound


Love this game but it won’t play sound on my phone at all. Please patch it!

3rd replay


This game consoles me whenever I play it.

Amazing and touching


Make sure you get to the true ending


WaffleDragonWolfPheonix ~ OwO

Amazing! The combination of horror and mystery made the game all the better, and the puzzles were enjoyable, to say the least. I WOULD give this game a 5/5 star. The only problem I have... Is the length. The length of the game is definitely NOT worth $4. Other then that, good job!

Sound not working on iPhone SE


Interesting game and gorgeous aesthetic, but it’s not working right.

I Have Returned


I played this game years ago when it was first released, and just the other day thought about it though I couldn’t remember what it was called! I searched through hundreds of my old apps that I had downloaded on the past and FINALLY found it. I vaguely remembered the game and actually couldn’t remember how to solve any if the puzzles at all, which was a good thing in that it allowed me to play through the game again while having to really think! I loved it just as much the second time I played through, and I’m excited to read through the companion app. Congratulations on this game, I thoroughly loved it (again).

Instant Favorite—”Year Walk” is Fantastic.

lil skies is amazing

This is a stylistic, smart, beautifully designed horror game that delves deep into Swedish mythology. My only nitpick is that the game is too short, thus when you’ve gotten the hang of the puzzles and chosen to “walk again,” “Year Walk” is easy to solve a second time and, thus, the gameplay is quicker. But these are probably the best $4 I’ve spent in the App Store. This game deserves a larger following and all the purchases it can. Its premise is original, the controls are smooth, the illustrations stunning, and the myths behind it are intriguing. This is among my favorite games, and my #1 iOs horror game hands down.

So short


I give this 2 stars! I’m not very good at puzzle games, and yet, this game was over and done with in one after dinner sitting. There are maybe 4 puzzles to solve. Why would they charge for such a short game?