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Year Walk is paid iOS app published by Simogo AB

Good but too short and difficult


The game a really good and thought out. I loved the style and music. I think it was so cool to incorperate folklore into this game and I wish there were more games like this but there were a few issues. The game was really short and expensive. I’d understand the price if the game was longer but it’s only a hour long, that is if you don’t get too confused. And I wish that you could experience it for a little bit longer. The game was also VERY confusing and difficult. I was very stuck on the part when you follow the Huldra into the tree and ended up deleting the game 3-4 times to get a fresh start and make sure I didn’t miss anything. I was also stuck on the part where you give the mylings to the kelpie (brook’s horse) and ended up spending about an hour trying to get the mylings, and 2 days trying to get out of the tree thing. Although the game was great, it would’ve been better if it was longer, less expensive, or less difficult.

I would give a 4.8 to be more accurate if I could.


Cons: it's very easy to give into the temptation of looking for cheats when everything is confusing and you don't understand the background lore. This game is definitely hard when you first play it without any background knowledge. I recommend exploring your surroundings and the game thoroughly in your first go around without the sole intention of finishing the game. Pros:This game is beautiful and weaves an interesting narrative. My biggest regret is not trying to explore more and instead rushing towards the end when I initially played it. Every once in a while I download this game again. It's a great game and I 100% recommend it.

Honestly my favorite game ever


I wasn’t lying in the title; this game is my absolute favorite and I will always come back to it. The story telling and the images bring forth a mystery that is accessible to all levels of theorist and game detective and conjures a strange world that I’ve gotten lost in every time I play. There isn’t much replay-ability but even with the same story over and over it’s still so much fun. The fact that it’s accompanied by a “companion” app and several short stories just shows you how much dedication went into this game. I cant really articulate how much I love this game because I honestly just think it’s perfect in its level of creepiness and strange beauty.

5$ for a 2 hour game


Idk compared to the room its not that great also its too short super confusing and not worth the $5 to be honest

Magnificently Mysterious...


This game was truly fantastic! It had a lot more of a horror aspect then I originally thought it would have, which is really great, it plays on the whole “don’t judge a book [game] by its cover.” Art style was beautiful and creepy, the music was perfect for each point of the game, and the overall story was compelling, captivating, and very mysterious. I think the use of the journal in the companion was genius and really hooked me. There are too many great things to even mention about the game in this one review! The only thing I think that could be improved upon is the IOS version of the game could use a map to navigate the landscape, but even then it’s not a necessity because you get used to the terrain eventually and find your way. I loved this game so much; I can only hope the other horror games I intend to delve into can deliver such a grand atmosphere and greatness as this game has!

Great potential but too short

9 inch

The beginning of the game is a little rough since you’re not sure what you’re supposed to do and it’s hard to navigate the forest (I recommend drawing a map). I had to look at a walkthrough once to get me started and then I was able to solve the rest of the game on my own. The puzzles are very clever and the atmosphere is incredibly creepy (be prepared for some scary moments). I enjoyed playing it but considering how short it is I would expect it to cost less. The companion app does give some added value and an alternate ending but it’s not enough. Still, it’s a unique game and will give you an hour or two of great game play.

Sorry I took so long


I love The Room series and games that have some mystery and storytelling. I kept putting off downloading this and can’t figure out why. It’s a beautiful game and doesn’t explain itself, which I love. You’re able to explore and enjoy the story at your own pace and it unfolds in a lovely way. Kudos to the developer.

No Instructions


The game came with no instructions and I had no idea how to proceed. There was no way to get any hints either.

Incomplete game. No longer works.


Horrible. Do not waste your money. Wandering aimlessly for crap I see on YT walkthroughs that aren’t on the game I paid too much money for. Very much a ripoff despite any backing by Apple. Huge disappointment since years ago, Device6 was so good. Refund my money.

You have to “break the rules”


I was enjoying the game. I think I’m pretty good at figuring out these types of games (like The Room, etc.), and I never look for hints or ask for help. To me that’s cheating myself, but I got absolutely stuck on this one. After several days coming back to it from time to time, I finally broke down and searched for some hints. I was angry to find out that you basically had to break the rules of the game and do something you weren’t supposed to be able to do in order to progress. To me this is cheating on the part of the game makers. I’m still mad about this.